Narrative Arcs and Developing Ideas

Another Camp NaNoWritMo session has ended, another failed attempt at completing its objective. Then again, writing with a hard(ish) deadline has never been my strong suit, (yet I continue to participate in these quests with the slim chance I’ll actually!write something of note). even with the 17,000+ word Draft as a potential launch pad. I know I’ve been quite pessimistic about my lack of progress and I really have no one to blame but myself as I’m perpetually distracted by the multitude of plot bunnies and such bouncing about in my head, with their oh-so clever ideas about the narrative arc, character development and plot twists. I’d like to think I’m quasi-proficient in plotting out general overviews and character summaries – seeing the “big picture” and plotting out the details within; yet figuring out where/when/how to start the story has been quasi-elusive.


Technically speaking, I sorta have an inkling of where/when/how to start – most of time, the attempts at actually!writing the beginning of the narrative comes across as either rambling exposition or stilted dialogue. Or from the “wrong” perspective – I’m (stubbornly) adhering to writing in first person perspective for (at least) the first two series in the three part series saga that I’ve quasi-mapped out. Finding the “right” tone is the tricky part, as well as figuring out how much information to impart (to the reader as well as to the other characters), since the main genre in which these stories are set is mystery, with hints of Steampunk, horror and science fiction thrown in for good measure. The writing/plotting process is always a work in progress, constantly changing as new angles, ideas and such pop up – sometimes I feel the urge to write (essentially) one story from different (first person) points of view…

Hmm… now there’s an interesting idea…


Plotting out the overview of the entire series saga that is (still called) the MASC Chronicles has been an adventure in and of itself, and will most likely be the subject of that Meta series – heck, this blog could serve as a starting point, or at best a journal of its progress – or is that too meta? I don’t know. What I do know (sorta) is that I (still) spend far too much time plotting, pondering and worrying about how the overall narrative arc will unfold and just get to the actual!writing or, in the case of the Revision of the Draft, editing what has already been (badly) written many, many moons ago.

So enough with blogging and back to actual!writing….

…Of my stories that is – since, technically speaking, writing blog entries every week counts as actual!writing (even if it’s mostly quasi-rambling thoughts and such). The fact that I can actually!write (on average) 400-500 words every week should count for something, even if it’s a non-linear narrative of sorts.

And I will make an attempt to be more positive in these blog entries (or at least not as negative as is my nature).


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