Camp NaNoWritMo (Spring 2015) Update #3

The Ides of April have passed, and half the month is over – and once again not too much actual!writing has happened. Sometimes I wonder why I bother to participate in these deadline-driven events when I hardly ever accomplish the goal or even come near to the finish line. Nevertheless I still participate, with the (false?) hopes of actually!finishing something. Then again, technically speaking/typing, I should be editing and revising the [unfinished] Draft, as that was supposed to the Objective of the Spring session of Camp NaNoWritMo But (as always) my mind (and the quasi-insane plot bunnies and Muses) wanders to other works-in-progress and attempts to connect them all together to create One Epic Saga, crossing the boundaries of time and space – where things can/might/will get wibbly-wobbly; clearly these stories are much bigger on the inside.

That being said, I have actually gotten (a little) actual!revising done, albeit it was more akin to reviving a narrative false start and tweaking it so it fits the quasi-stable premise of the Revision of the [unfinished] Draft… which sounds like a great title for an epic ballad or a stage play; perhaps an episode or few in that Meta Series…

But I digress.

Along with the minor actual!revising and quasi!writing, another round of character development and narrative plotting and pondering has happened – some characters have been revived, some have been expunged, and a few have been created. Attempts in returning to the mindset I had when I first wrote the Draft and rereading what had been jotted down (whether handwritten in notebooks or typed in Word documents) has been interesting and enlightening – some of the ideas [plot, character or exposition] were good, and have the potential to be used at some point in the Epic Saga.

Then there are the quasi-strange dreams I’ve had of scenes and situations unrelated to the Epic Saga (I think) or to the Revision of the [unfinished] Draft. Sometimes as I’m drifting off to sleep, conversations between characters or internal monologues of exposition populate my thoughts, and sadly at these times, I’m usually too tired to get out of bed to jot down these musings (these are the times I wish there was some sort of invention to transcribe/extract these thoughts onto some sort of recording device). While the exact details of these snippets of mental!writing are not retained, I usually recall the gist of the aforementioned mental!writing, and scribble those thoughts down, (though in the rare times I actually get out of bed to jot down these musings – I always keep a notebook and pen on my desk chair, situated across from my bed – it’s usually undecipherable scribbles).


These quasi-strange dreams (strange mainly because they’re also recurring dreams – or at least I think they are) involve an abandoned location – a building in quasi-ruin – and there’s almost always an ethereal quality to the place. Sometimes I wonder if my subconscious is trying to tell me something – whether about my own life or the fictional lives of my cast of characters.

Or maybe it’s the Plot Bunnies and Muses at work.

Either way, I’ve got some actual!writing to do, along with the Revision of the [unfinished] Draft.


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