Camp NaNoWritMo (Spring 2015) Update #2

So now that I’ve quasi-settled into the Camp NaNoWritMo realm – introvert that I am, I decided not to join a cabin (an optional feature wherein random or not-so-random writers can converse and such) and attempt to work on my own – I’ve proceeded with tackling the task at hand. Naturally, my mind (and Muses) have successfully avoided the (dreaded) Mallet of Doom and meandered (back) to plotting and pondering, with not-so-much actual!writing or editing accomplished. Then again, that original draft [henceforth designated as “the Draft”] fits, (or rather was/is intended to be) in the middle of the MASC Chronicles series saga I’ve quasi-plotted out, so it’s more an extension of what I’ve spent (far too much time) doing.


The shift has been in that I’ve spent much of that aforementioned time on Series One of the MASC Chronicles, set in Victorian England – the narrative arcs, character development, etc. – the Draft was/is/has been (somewhere) in Series Two, set in the Interwar Period [for those who might not know, the Interwar Period is the years between WWI and WWII]. Shifting my focus from the two different time periods has been jarring, as I had placed my focus on Series One (with only fleeting thoughts on Series Two, and barely any on Series Three); nevertheless, as most of my archival writing/musing has been for Series Two, sifting through old ideas/characters/narrative arcs has been illuminating. Also, given my acute quasi-fixation on Downton Abbey (while I’m sad that the upcoming 6th series/season is to be the last one, it makes sense that the series should end when it does, and while the show is still popular), narrative/character elements from that series has seeped into my writing process.

For those regularly following this blog (are there any who actually do? I can never tell), I’m well aware that I spend far too much time plotting and pondering at the Character Development Inn in the Land of Exposition, and rarely ever get to the actual!writing part. I’ve written more for this blog about writing the series saga than actually!writing the series saga – and I’m still stupidly proud that I’ve written and posted a blog entry every week since starting this blog almost two years (!!) ago – I’ve kept the details pretty vague, and for good reason: the series keeps changing in minute ways and it’d feel too much like a permanent thing if I were to mention definitively the details of the series saga (and would save me time and effort to edit out whatever I had mentioned in previous entries).

But I digress.

Along with the pondering and plotting for this Draft, other stray ideas have appeared, some related to the series saga, others utterly separate: some relate to the various other writing projects I’ve pondered upon – the fan fiction novel based on the short-lived musical Dance of the Vampires (which had ties to the series saga at one point and now remains a stand-alone story), the Meta series (which this blog has almost morphed into, with my occasional mentions of the Character Development Inn and the Land of Exposition) and that attempt to write a romance novel (which has tenuous ties to the Series Saga).

Yes, I’m well aware that I should stop plotting/pondering and get (back) to the actual!writing, but with the task of writing a mystery (and writing it well) there needs to be a good amount of organizing and making sure that the solution is not so obvious yet plausible, that there are enough red herrings sprinkled among the actual clues, and that there are a few plot twists thrown in to make the story interesting.

Well, enough blathering here.

Back to actual!writing (hopefully).


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