Camp NaNoWritMo (Spring 2015) Update #1

Taking a (short) break from the quasi-relaxed realm of the Land of Exposition, I venture once more into Camp NaNoWritMo, where hundreds (thousands? millions?) of other fellow writers-to-be gather to plot, ponder and actually!write something (unlike the non-camp NaNoWritMo, categories include revision, nonfiction, short stories and script). I’ve quasi-decided to utilize this Camp NaNoWritMo session to revise the (unfinished) first draft of the first novel I ever wrote (mentioned in previous blog entries as the Transcription Project or the Transcription Follies).

For those just tuning in, that first (unfinished yet plotted out) draft was entitled The Golden Dagger Inn Mystery, written twenty (!) years (!!) ago, and was an expansion on a short story with the same name written two years before that. The basic gist of the story is quasi-plausible though the pacing is too rushed and the grammatical errors are astounding (not in a good way); nevertheless, at 17,000+ words, it’s the longest (albeit quasi-coherent) amount of actual!writing ever actually!written. That effort needs to be acknowledged for what it was/is and deserves to be revised within an inch of its life.

And so here we are.

Of course, since the Muses in my head have been fixated on the Epic Series Saga (otherwise known as the MASC Chronicles) first established a decade ago – in prepping for Camp NaNoWritMo, I’d taken to reviewing and rereading all my archived files and documents (both electronic and [long] handwritten), all of which were meticulously date (and sometimes) time stamped. As this first attempt predates the establishment of this Epic Series Saga (though it was the launchpad from which the Epic Series Saga began), it’s been a (minor) puzzlement as to where exactly to place this tale into that Canon (a canon which is still in its infancy). Then again, as this tale is the origin story (as it were) of the series saga itself, it probably should be the center from which the rest of the series saga will revolve, kind of like how Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope  is the “zero year” in the Star Wars saga – at least in the (now non-canon) Expanded Universe novel series.

As I have that (unfinished) transcription as a launchpad, you’d think it’d be easy to edit and revise it – yet it’s been a struggle – due to the aforementioned flaws in its execution, and the notion to change the narrative from 3rd person [omniscient] perspective to 1st person perspective – my overworked, always-plotting-and-pondering Muses have planted seeds of doubt of where/when/how/with whom to start the narrative. There are multiple staring points/perspectives from which to start (the folders full of “narrative false starts” is a testament to that), and finding where/when/how to start is always the hardest part.

Then again, as this month’s aim is to revise, edit (and actually!finish) that (unfinished) novel, I probably should bop the aforementioned Muses (with the Mallet of Doom) and revise, edit and actually!finish the novel as it was originally written (3rd person perspective) and have it stand alone from the Epic Series Saga.

I can always re-revise, edit the revised (and completed) draft afterwards. The point of this session of Camp NaNoWritMo is to revise what has already been written.

May the Odds be in My Favor.

May the Force be with Me.



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