Springing Ahead

As time marches into… well, March, Daylight Savings Time is nearly upon us.

Clocks are set an hour ahead.

We lose an hour of sleep.

We gain an extra hour of daylight.

So, on the eve of this wibbly-wobbly shift in the space/time continuum, it seems an ideal time to get things in order before things get timey-wimey.

Hopefully this (minor) acceleration in time travel will herald a change in seasons. Spring will finally (!) arrive, banishing winter for a few months. It shouldn’t be snowing in March. Seriously. While it’s pretty to watch (from within the comfort of  one’s home), snow is a bother, especially when you have to shovel it about. As the temperatures fluctuate, causing the snow to either melt into slush or freeze into black ice (or any combination thereof), its troublesome nature exponentially grows.

Then again, the snow is a kind of metaphor in (almost) any writer’s journey. Each snowflake – large or small – is unique as they drift and swirl in the air. They can accumulate into massive piles or melt before they touch the ground. Snowstorms can last for a few minutes or for hours on end. Shoveling the snow can be an easy or arduous task – finding a place to deposit the accumulation to clear a path can be a challenge as others shift their snow piles about, sometimes obscuring the path you have cleared. When the snow freezes into ice or turns into slush, maneuvering through those obstacles proves to be equally challenging, if not more so. The potential pitfalls and p(l)otholes can/will leave you frustrated and wary, as you move ever so slowly and carefully to avoid losing your balance and falling. Hacking away at the ice is strenuous and time-consuming but necessary to clear the roadblocks to resume your usual pace. Traipsing around the slushy puddles is also time-consuming as you are forced to keep your eyes to the ground to avoid getting your feet soaking wet (whilst remembering to look both ways before crossing the street).

I think I’ve pretty much exhausted the snow as a metaphor for plotting/pondering/writing, so as (hopefully) the last of the winter storms has befallen the Northeast region of the USA, we can look forward to warmer weather. As the snow melts, nature will be reborn: the grass will be greener, trees will regain its leaves and the flowers will bloom once more. The cold chill will yield to milder winds – the shades of white and grey will give way to (mainly) green and a rainbow of color.

Winter will (soon!) turn into Spring, and with the advent of spring comes the usual (inevitable) task of spring cleaning – clearing out the dust (plot) bunnies, deciding on what (if any) things to throw out, things to rearrange or things to keep. It’s another arduous, time-consuming task that (usually) needs to be done every now and then, if only to keep things in an orderly fashion in order to move ahead.

So, as I (once again) sit in the coffee lounge in the Character Development Inn, extending my stay (again) in the Land of Exposition, I plot and ponder upon the order of things. Eventually, I’ll venture out to hack away at the icy pavement in an attempt to clear a path towards the Road to Actual!Writing without slipping or falling into the various slushy plotholes that reside quasi-hidden along the way.

Hopefully it won’t take too long to clear out the snow/ice/slush – at least with the arrival of Daylight Savings Time, there will be an extra hour of daylight to complete the job.


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