Refining and Reshuffling the Order (Again)

Once again I wander (back) into the Land of Exposition via the Road Seldom Taken Yet Well Traveled. (One of these days/weeks/months/years I’ll get around to that Meta Tale of the Epic Saga of the Inner Workings of An Author, tentatively entitled Into My Head.) Seems I can’t get away from plotting and pondering the narrative structure, story arc and/or character exposition, even when I’m actually!writing (and concurrently editing) the narrative. I’m fairly sure this is a common occurrence in the actual!writing process, even with a (tentatively) structured outline, as ideas pop into the head while writing the narrative, dialogue and internal monologue.

Writing a story (of any length) is a process with a lot of moving parts – character relationships and plot twists that lead to a satisfactory (and logical) dénouement. While each novel within each series is a stand-alone tale, there will be plot and character elements that will connect each novel (and eventually inevitably each series), creating a (quasi) tangled web of cross references and Easter eggs. Logically, I shouldn’t worry think that far ahead in the series saga, but my quasi-OCD tendencies compel me to want to map everything out (or at least have a rough outline of what could/might/should/would happen).


While focusing on Novel One of Series One, a bit of pondering and that aforementioned bit of actual!writing has led to the (energy-saving) light bulb epiphany that Novel One of Series One works better (or at least makes more sense given the smattering of narrative actually!written) as Novel Two of Series One. Thankfully (?) I’ve generally plotted out the theme of each novel in Series One, so rearranging the first two novels, along with moving the intended prequel novel to later position in the series, reassigning the prequel plot status to a (relatively) earlier novel in the series which had intended to be a canon story.

It’ll make sense in the end, when it’s all been written.


As the actually!written narrative proceeds to be extracted from my head (the virtual distance between my head through my fingers and into Word is still a long, winding road), there will be more changes and a re-reshuffling of the novels.

Then again, as the novels are (for the most part) stand alone stories, the sequence of events is relative once the stories are written – in other words, once all (or at least most) of the novels are written, the order in which they will (hopefully and inevitably) be published is relative. After all, time is not a line, it’s well…

Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey.

Minor note to the aforementioned reshuffling order of the series: in plotting out the exposition for the main characters in the series, a prequel story emerged, quasi-influenced by my (new) acute fixation on Downton Abbey though the idea had been treading water in my head (and in my archived files) long before the series started. Thus far there will be one expository/prequel novel (and perhaps a short story or several) based on the generation before the main characters in Series One.

Only when one knows from where the character came can one know where the characters will go. [I think I made that up – or maybe I read it somewhere and paraphrased it.]

Either way, it sounds profound.


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