Setting Resolutions and Goals

What a difference a year makes.

Three days into 2015, and in a continuing effort to update musings and such from this time last year, it seems an ideal time to declare resolutions and set goals for the new year. As the 2014 Writing Prompt Project has stalled, with hopes of continuing it if the mood (and muses) arises, thoughts as to setting goals for 2015, with the everlasting wish of actually!writing a novel (or at least a quasi-decent first draft). The ideas swirl about in the creative corners of my mind, though fitting the pieces together is always the tricky part.

Of course stating a goal and actually accomplishing said goal are two different things.

Throughout the full year in writing this blog, I’ve plotted and pondered the various quirks for the multitude of characters in the WIP, yet have (purposely) imparted very little detail here. Creative fictional writing is always in a state of flux, with seemingly minor details change the overall shape of the narrative arc, and I tend to want to have some sort of solid ground upon which to work before explaining anything. Needless to say, the MASC Chronicles (aka the Epic Saga) remains shrouded in a thin fog of mystery, and will probably remain so until things become clearer in my mind.

[Yes, I am quite aware that I’ve said/written this before, but new ideas and the omnipresent “what if…?” open up new tangents down which the story can travel.]

Also, another update from (roughly) this time last year – I had stated that I had not watched any of Downton Abbey for fear of inadvertently “borrowing” ideas from the series, yet in the latter weeks of 2014, I began to binge-watch the series, prompted by the opportunity to attend an exclusive PBS event previewing the show’s 5th series/season, an event that included a Q&A with select members of the cast and creative team. It’s a fine show (and among the most popular PBS series, ratings-wise), and my initial reluctance in watching it was a moot point, as earlier drafts of my series saga utilized some of the basic elements of the series [dreamt up years before the series started], some of which still remain in the current (plotting) draft.

Wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey.

Perhaps this year I will forgo continuing the Writing Prompt challenge, and any other extraneous projects in favor of actually!writing the first draft of the first book in the first series of the MASC Chronicles, as it has been pointed out [by fellow writers] that I should focus on one series, instead of plotting and pondering the entire saga.

So be it.

Hopefully in the weeks/months to come, I will actually extract some of the narrative that has been jangling in my head (and hope that it makes some semblance of sense) so I can use this blog as I had intended to – to chronicle the journey of actually!writing a novel. Perhaps I’ll impart some actual details about the characters, the world in which they live and the adventures they have.

Stranger things have happened.

Here’s to the new year, with all its promises of productivity and actually getting stuff done.


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