Year End Musings

So here we are at the 100th entry for this blog, (conveniently) coinciding with the last weekly entry for 2014. As the calendar year slowly winds down, it seems a good enough time to reflect on the achievements during the past year and to contemplate the challenges for the coming year in my writer’s journey.

Thus far, not too much has happened, actually!writing-wise, though a plethora of character development and plot arc construction has been vaguely sketched out. The 100 Writing Prompt Project started out well, then lost some of its momentum sometime during the year – seems it was a *bit* too ambitious to write something using the writing prompt words without over-thinking them [as it’s quite evident I spend far too much time plotting and pondering the “big picture” and not so much time on the details]. I intend to finish the 100 writing prompt list in the new year – I have a general idea of its story arc, though I had not intended the short scenes associated written to have a linear story construct. The intention of the writing using the prompts as a general template was to write quasi-independent scenes using the prompt as its theme, separate from the [epic] work in progress that is the MASC Chronicles – an intention that has since been blurred, as (roughly) 88% of my writer’s thoughts are devoted to the MASC Chronicles, a series saga that has been work in progress (vaguely described) for about the same percentage of my lifespan thus far. [Perhaps in the new year I’ll elaborate more on this now quasi-mythical epic. Maybe.]

But I digress.

I think.


I’ve blathered on (and on and on and on) about the process yet hardly made any headway on the actual narrative – I’ve been reprimanded (via email) about my lack of focus on any given series within the saga (or for that matter on any given project). I admit to my lack of concentration and endeavor to actually!write more and ponder less; problem (for a lack of a better term) is, I have a compulsion to need to know (almost) every facet of the story, to explore (almost) every possibility the narrative could travel before committing to which path will be Canon and which will be relegated to fan fiction AU.

Then there was the challenge to write a story outside of my genre comfort zone [a contemporary romance], documented in this year’s NaNoWritMo updates, which was surprisingly fun to plot and write. While the tale remains unfinished (per usual), it’s another writing project relegated to the “to be completed or at least worked upon” in 2015 pile, and will inevitably tie into (albeit very loosely) with the aforementioned series saga.

To make a long story short (too late): any and (almost) all fictional pieces I have written, am in the process of writing and will ever write in the near (and far) future will be related in some way to the MASC Chronicles (regardless of whether or not it actually make any sense).

Whilst skimming over last year’s year-end remarks on endings and renewals, the final Poirot episodes finally aired in the US, bringing a sense of closure to the 25 year series. Many tears were shed during Curtain, the final Poirot story (even though I knew how it would end, having read the novel beforehand) – needless to say, listening to Chopin’s Raindrop Prelude will instantly invoke tears. Also picked up Poirot and Me, a memoir about the series written by David Suchet (arguably the definitive Poirot) – a delightful read about his memories of working on the series. I highly recommend it.

Series 8 of Doctor Who, the initial series for Doctor #12 (or #13 or #14, depending on whether you include 10’s Meta Crisis and the War Doctor [often labeled as Doctor #8.5]) unfolded magnificently as Peter Capaldi brought forth/reintroduced darker shades of the Doctor’s personality. As (fleetingly) mentioned in past blog entries, Peter Capaldi’s personification as the Doctor (and the fact that the actor is such an adorably geeky fanboy of the series) is quickly becoming my favorite of the Doctors I’ve seen thus far. I’m looking forward to the next series and how that will unfold.

Well, that’s about it (for now at least).

Here’s to a (more) productive 2015!


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