Approaching a Milestone

According to the WordPress stats, this week’s entry will be the 99th post for this blog, and that (obviously) means the next post will be the 100th – a milestone worth mentioning and celebrating (albeit an entry early). While I’ve (proudly) written a blog post every week (Saturday) since starting this blog (roughly) 18 months ago, posting the few (11) fictional/essay entries related to the Writing Prompt Project I started at the beginning of 2014 has propelled (though not really that far) the number of entries for this blog. That the 100th blog entry will (most likely) coincide with the final weekly entry for 2014 is kinda fitting (I think) – so most likely next week’s entry will be more reflective and quasi-rambling about whatever pops into my head at the moment (just like 99% of the blog entries thus far).


The actual!writing process has picked up (a bit) though I’ve quasi-returned to the (quasi-neglected) Writing Prompt Project, of which I *should* have completed before the end of 2014, as it was a resolution/goal set for this year – 100 writing prompts, 100 entries – (short) fiction pieces or essays adhering to the list of writing prompts found online (I forget exactly where I found them). Of course, (as with most things) the impulse and ideas for those prompts ebbs and flows, and the writing prompt project will spill into 2015, but I fully intend to complete the 100 writing prompt list. When that will actually happen is anyone’s guess.

Then there are the other works in progress to work upon: the elusive (purposely vague) MASC Chronicles, the contemporary romance novel written as for the 2014 NaNoWritMo challenge, the DOTV fan fiction novel and the dozen of other half-baked, stand-alone ideas brewing in my head. Yes, I’m fully aware that I should focus on one project at a time, that I should stop plotting and pondering and just get to the actual!writing part. In truth, a decent portion of the stories have been mapped out in my head, played out like a TV drama, usually as I’m drifting off to sleep (and too lazy sleepy to jot anything down). My characters chatter endlessly about their lives, their troubles and brood and argue and ponder and plot.

(There are probably too many “ands” in that last bit, but it does have a kind of musical lilt to it).

Perhaps I should stop writing this entry and return to the actual!writing of my stories (as noted in last week’s entry, I have written more words for this blog than I have for any given writing project over the past 18 months).

Perhaps the 100th entry will be a Writing Prompt Entry after all.

Perhaps the 100th entry will be a revelation (of what remains to be seen).

Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps.


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