Post NaNoWritMo (2014) Update

Another round of NaNoWritMo has ended, and another novel left unfinished. ‘Twas a slow start, yet with a gallant effort towards the end – the final (officially logged) word count stood at 5,150 words, which roughly came out to three and a little chapters. This year’s effort was not as high as the previous year, but was at least higher than the first year’s attempt – then again, considering the fact that the previous two years’ novel attempts were stories based on ideas plotted and pondered at great length, while this year’s novel was (largely) made up as I went along, and in a genre not in my comfort zone [contemporary romance].

All things considered, I think it went fairly well, even though I did not fulfill the task of actually!writing 50,000 words in 30 days. Nevertheless, I do plan on working on and (eventually) completing this contemporary romance novel sometime in the near future, and have, contrary to previous claims, figured out a (quasi-flimsy) connection between this stand alone romance novel and my ongoing (epic) series saga. I will admit it was fun writing something totally (kind of) unrelated to my ongoing series: to break out of the (maybe parallel/alternate) universe and work on something outside my comfort zone, even though I hadn’t actually gotten to the romance part of the story, just the set up (which reading over it again, has the makings of a traditional [PG-13] rom-com.)

Now that December is upon us, I’ve returned to pondering and plotting the pre-NaNoWritMo projects, including that 100 Writing Prompt project, which has been neglected for too long, and will inevitably spill into 2015. The MASC Chronicles is changing subtly, as I’ve recently discovered a sci-fi novel that employs a similar plot device at the center of my series saga (or at least an integral part of the first series of the saga). While I’ve spent too much a lot of time plotting and pondering the overall structure of the series (saga), the exact details for each book are [still] quasi-vague, which is the frustrating fun part of the writing process – seeing where the characters will shape the narrative.

That’s about all that’s been going on, aside from watching and LOVING the 8th series of Doctor Who [Peter Capaldi is quickly becoming my all time favorite Doctor], waiting for the Christmas special to air, and listening to the fairly recently released TV score for “The Day of the Doctor & The Time of the Doctor” episodes [epic in its scope, with unreleased tracks not used in the aforementioned episodes.]



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