NaNoWritMo (2014) Update #5

So November is almost over, (American) Thanksgiving and Black Friday have passed and there are only two more days (well, technically speaking, one day and a few hours) left to complete the 50,000 word count novel for NaNoWritMo. Naturally, I’m in (quasi) panic mode, so subsequently my writing muses have been poked and prodded out of their hibernation and have gone back to work. The word count for my “making it up as I go along” romance, tentatively (though at this point definitely) entitled Blind Dark Windows as of 7:47 PM stands at 4,443 words, which adds up to two and one-thirds chapters.

The bare bone synopsis of Blind Dark Windows (as made up written at the start of NaNoWritMo) is as follows:

“Girl meets Boy. Boy likes Girl. Girl likes Other Boy. They all attend Comic Con. Hilarity ensues.”

[Whether or not any of that actually happens is still in question, but for now I’ll just leave it as such]

So far I’ve introduced the two main characters [i.e. the Girl and the Boy], a few supporting characters and generally outlined the (sad) state of their respective romantic lives. The plot is moving (ever so slowly) towards the actual “meeting” part, and the follies that will (ultimately/inevitably) ensue before the (maybe?) happy ever after ending.

[Yeah, still purposely vague.]

I realize that I probably should have written all of this sooner, and I would have, had the inspiration to do so come earlier, but as it were, I’m relaying all of this now. One day and a handful of hours before The End [of NaNoWritMo, that is].

Better late than never, I guess [then again, better never late]

I have a (purposely) vague idea of how the pacing of the story will unfold, and the possible plot twists that will come about, and regardless of whether or not (at this point, it’s probably the latter) I manage to write the obligatory 50,000 words to “win” NaNoWritMo, I plan on actually!finishing this stand-alone novel, then editing out all the passive verbs, purple prose, telling-and-not-showing, and other grammatical and “bad writing” elements. Remarkably, I’ve made a point of just actually!writing the story and not screening what’s been written through the Hemingway App or other writing aid programming that waves red flags on the aforementioned “bad writing” elements.

At this point of the NaNoWritMo journey, I will be content to have written (and recorded onto the NaNoWritMo site) at least as many words I had written (and recorded) during last year’s attempt (which clocked in at 8,244 words).

Anyway, back to actual!writing.


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