NaNoWritMo (2014) Update #2

One week into the writing challenge that is NaNoWritMo, and much plotting and pondering (and giggle fits) has been accomplished yet not so much actual!writing. Well, technically speaking, much of the plot and narrative has been written in my head, it just hasn’t made it into Word. As mentioned in the previous update, the (added) challenge this year is to write a romance, and thus far it’s turning out to be fun – moreover, given that the main setting is at Comic Con, it also a contemporary story, with real world elements, easily identifiable to anyone who pays attention to pop culture. That twist was unexpected and has proven to be quasi-challenging, as most of my works in progress have been set in the far past and in an alternate / parallel universe from the world we all know to be true. Then again, having immersed myself in watching Doctor Who, the concept of what is real and what is not tends to blur, and make one (re)think what we know has/had/will happen. [BTW, the 8th series finale episode “Death in Heaven” was  fantastic – thrilling, heart(s)breaking and exciting. I’m thoroughly enjoying Peter Capaldi’s take on the iconic “mad man with a box” – fierce, clueless and commanding all at the same time. Given how things ended, it’ll be interesting to see how the Christmas Special and Series 9 will unfold.]

But I digress.


Initially, the romance story I had intended to write (before the plot bunny insisted on adding a nerdy/geeky/dorky angle to the narrative)  was to be a (slight) homage to a subplot largely undeveloped (and a bit unresolved) in one of my favorite films/musicals Sunset Boulevard,  the latter opened on Broadway 20 (!) years ago this month [started its previews on November 1st, opened on the 17th]. That subplot was the “Untitled Love Story” written by Joe Gillis and Betty Schaefer during the film/musical, based on one of Gillis’ stories (cited as “Dark Windows” in the film, “Blind Windows” in the musical). I’d always wondered what the exact plot of that script turned out to be, as it’s never revealed in either the film or musical (for reasons that would spoil the ending of the film/musical) – I would like to think the script got picked up and produced.


My initial impulse was to create a story based on the (few) clues given in the film (and musical), throwing in some other dorky references to the musical. Given I had to write a romantic story, the whole “girl meets boy” premise outlined in Sunset gave me a springboard upon which to start the story (and also my little homage to the musical, which remains my 3rd all time favorite musical that I actually saw live on stage). Using this premise and melding it with the idea of it unfolding at Comic Con seemed perfect, and matched my normally romance adverse sensibility. It also gives me the opportunity to stuff as many geeky/dorky/nerdy references of my own interests (those who know me well might giggle at the names I’ve smashed together).

As it’s to be a romance (but not that kind of romance), the pacing will be key, along with the (added) (melo)drama that might/could/would ensue. I can (almost) guarantee that this romance will be pretty much PG-13 with “fade to black” scenes and lots of (verbal) sparring. I kinda sorta have an idea of how the romance will play out, though I’m not so sure it’ll have the “happily ever after” ending typical of most romances.

So far so good, I suppose.

Back to writing.



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