NaNoWritMo (2014) Update #1

So National Novel Writing Month [NaNoWritMo for short] has begun for just about everyone, regardless of time zone differences – wherein millions (give or take) of writers undertake the challenge of creating a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. This is my third attempt at this monumental [at least for me] feat, hoping that the “third time’s the charm” maxim holds true. Also (as mentioned several times in the last few posts) this year’s challenge has an added (self-appointed) twist in writing the novel in a outside-your-comfort-zone genre, which for me (again mentioned many times previously) is Romance. Two NaNoWritMo buddies (who I “met” via a writing group on Facebook) have agreed to this added proviso, and have dived into the plotting/pondering/actually!writing process.

I spent most of the day pondering how to go about tackling this challenge – a few ideas popped into my head, whether or not to have this Romance be tied to my ongoing Series Saga (as exposition, alternate universe or side story) or to create a stand alone novel, separate from the Series Saga. Through an otherwise innocuous comment in an otherwise casual [Facebook] conversation, a major epiphany struck me that finally determined the plot of this Romance novel:

A love story (of sorts) set at and during Comic Con, tentatively entitledĀ Blind Dark Windows.

I’ve generally sketched out some of the characters and created names, and all the stray thoughts flooding my brain are telling me that this might end up being among the nerdiest/geekiest/dorkiest romance novels ever written (that’s not fan fiction). After all, it seems (to me) the majority of the romance novels/movies/TV shows center around the “popular” cliques (the beauties, the jocks, the rebels, etc.), why not write one about cliques not often portrayed favorable (in the absolute general sense, as there are exceptions) in “mainstream” media?

Whether or not I can pull it off is a whole other thing.

Then there’s the fact that I’ve never actually attended a Comic Con, but I’ve seen enough photos and video footage, and read (other)blogs online (of course) about it to have a sense of what goes on there.

This is certainly a “brave new world” I’ve entered, full of exciting possibilities and variables (and many fandoms from which to choose).

Wish me luck!


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