Regaining Momentum

For the moment, at least.

After days / weeks of being (metaphorically) stuck on the writer’s roundabout, with a few encounters with the writer’s speed bump, I’ve managed to break free from the quasi-never-ending cycle of pondering, plotting and editing and return to the realm of actually!writing. Well, writing in my head at least – internally narrating scenes and dialogue between various characters, while concurrently [generally] plotting out the rest of the narrative. So, at least in my writer’s mind palace (which is more a Victorian manor house than an actual palace), the first few chapters of Series One, Book One of the MASC Chronicles are written, as well as a pre-narrative scene, as Series One is relayed in first person perspective. As always, the distance from the head to the page/screen [as I’ve taken to using pen and paper as well as typing in Word] is vast. Yes, I’m well aware that I’m probably repeating myself (as I tend not to re-read past blog posts as they’re weekly streams of consciousness musings of whatever’s on my mind at the time I’m writing the blog entry).


As (probably) mentioned before, the impulse to get some actual!writing written (with or without said writing edited within an inch of its life) fluctuates – there are times when the ideas stagnate, and days/weeks go by without a single word written, then there are other times when the ideas flourish, and I spend hours writing, rewriting, and editing as I write. There’s no way of predicting when these states of writing (or non-writing) occur, or how long each will last, which is probably why the entire process has taken so long, and why I don’t do so well with set schedules and timetables/deadlines to deliver a final product/draft. Despite this (apparent) inability to finish writing a specific number of words within a specific amount of time, I still plan on participating in NaNoWritMo, this year with the added (aforementioned) challenge of writing outside my comfort genre.

Also, focusing (most) of my literary-minded attention to one series within the series saga has been beneficial, though every now and then a stray idea or plot twist pops into my head, of which I jot down and file away to be used at a later date. Even within the confines of focusing on Series One, Book One, (slight) changes have cropped up, mostly for character exposition and the relationship between said characters. It is overwhelming at times to pin down what the Canon will/should be, and leaving enough vagueness for fan fiction writers to extrapolate and create AU scenarios. (Yes, I’ve fantasized that far ahead of a fandom for this series saga.)

Nevertheless, with the comeback return of the actual!writing Muses (and such), I should wrap up this blog entry and get back to the actual!writing – who knows how long this stint will last.





One thought on “Regaining Momentum

  1. WOW! You’re going to be writing outside your genre?
    Maybe you’ll find yourself extremely comfortable writing in this different one. Who knows?

    This is really exciting, and I’m glad to hear that you’re back to the actual(!) writing. I hope you’re enjoying it. 😀

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