Pondering about NaNoWritMo…

National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWritMo for short) is less than a month away, and in relation with the recent musings about the many distractions side projects I have going on concurrently, it seemed (quasi) logical to think about what I should write (and hopefully complete) next month. Of course, the act of pondering and plotting out what to write for NaNoWritMo seems contrary to the intent of NaNoWritMo, which is to just write a [50K word count] novel within 30 days – no editing, pondering or plotting. Nevertheless, I’ve attempted NaNoWritMo twice, and the second Camp NaNoWritMo session, my process/progress (or lack thereof) has been detailed in this blog (well as detailed as possible), and I’ve failed (miserably) in each attempt.

Well, kind of: I haven’t abandoned [completely] those first two NaNoWritMo attempts –  the first attempt is one of the “back burner” side projects mentioned in last week’s blog, and the second attempt ended up as a quasi-template for Series One, Book One of my [Epic] Series Saga [the version I had started during NaNoWritMo has since been relegated to be adjusted for Series Three, Book One]. The Camp NaNoWritMo attempt (a sort of prequel story within the Epic Series Saga) has since been abandoned [at least for the moment].

I am determined (really, I am!) to actually complete the task of writing a 50K word count novel within a month – I know it can be done (I’ve had friends “win”), but knowing how I work (or not, depending on your point of view, and clearly as illustrated in this ongoing blog), I spend far too much time thinking, plotting and pondering each minute detail [and not that I’ve started to use the Hemmingway App and ProWritingAid – two very good editing tools], the process has slowed down even more.

Hence my pre-pondering/pondering my NaNoWritMo strategy before the Main Event. Whether or not that will help or hinder my progress this year remains to be seen. As I can’t (or am not allowed to?) write about a previous year’s attempt, I need to think of something else to write, which is the challenge, as the current WIP is last year’s attempt [Series One, Book One], and I do plan on working on the year before last’s attempt [the DOTV fan fiction novel] so time in the near future.


My options [thus far] are as follows:

Write Series Two, Book One: (loosely) based on the first [unfinished] novel I ever wrote [half a lifetime ago], and in need of a major rewrite anyway (if only to remove the OTT melodrama)

Write Series Three, Book One: (loosely) based on a few plot bunnies and (subconsciously) based on the smatterings of short fiction posted using those Writing Prompts, yet another [time-sensitive] project  I need to finish

Write something completely new: perhaps something outside my comfort genre – I’m [quasi-seriously] contemplating adding this additional challenge as a possible motivator; the genre in question would be a schmaltzy romance .

So therein lies the challenge.

Well, at least I have a few weeks to figure all this out.

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