Side Projects and Other Distractions (revisited)

So this week’s entry is not so much an update on the Great Quasi-Free Form Writing Experiment (which has stalled somewhat for reasons explained in the remainder of this [probably short] weekly entry), but more an update on things in general, and the other writing projects I’ve undertaken [of my own free will] and endeavor to complete (at least to the best of my ability).

One such project that I started this year was the Writing Prompt Project, started on New Year’s  Day 2014 – its purpose was to compel me to write and  to post a bit of writing every day using a 100 writing prompt list I found online (I forget where I found it) as a basic framework/theme. In theory, I should have completed that task a few months ago had I stuck to the post something-using-the-writing-prompt-list-every-day regimen, but it’s nearly the end of September, and I’ve only managed to write (and post) 11 entries (mostly fictional scenes  that are [for the most part] stand alone, and a few stream-of-conscious musings). Granted, I still have (some) time to complete the task (if I really buckle down and stop over-thinking everything and actually!write) so I’m not going to panic.


Of course, the over-thinking bit is a result of my fixation (and consistent pondering) on the main series saga I’ve dedicated much of my life (albeit not quite in a liner fashion) creating and getting out of my head. Some of the fictional snippets (scenes) were borne out of situations/interactions occurring “off stage” (akin to the deleted scenes for a film/TV series) focusing on minor/unseen characters and events occurring at various points within the larger Series Saga. So naturally that has slowed down the writing/posting of these snippets, as I subconsciously (unconsciously?) ponder how the proposed snippet will/could/might fit in the Series Saga (and if it might contain potential spoilers). Conversely (as a quasi-epiphany) some of the [outlined, plotted] events have inadvertently shaped the possible sequence of events in the narrative arc, causing  some plot elements,  character relationships and character personalities to change. Either way, the initial purpose of the Writing Prompt Project has faltered a bit (though inadvertently and concurrently clarified/confused things).


While I’ve been determined to not have my Muses (and their army of plot bunnies/ninjas) distract me from getting some actual!writing done for Series One, Book One, the stray plot point has wandered across my mind for the on-hiatus fan fiction novel based on the short-lived (yet highly entertaining despite being slammed by the critics) musical Dance of the Vampires – not too surprising as a new production is due to start its run in Paris next month. That’s another project that (for a short period in time [and space]) had ties/crossover with the Series Saga; that notion was swiftly discarded, as getting the rights/permission to use the characters/situations from that musical would be a lengthy process – though if and when I ever get around to finishing that fan fiction novel, [still] entitled Carpe Noctem – mentioned here a few times in passing – I would make an ardent attempt to secure the necessary rights to incorporate those characters.

Until then, I [really] should limit my time and energy to actually!writing – ideally Series One, Book One (as I’ve fallen behind in the quasi-challenged posed by a fellow aspiring writer a few weeks back), as well as completing the remaining 89 writing prompts from that list.


[Hmm… so much for this entry being a shorter one…]


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