Quasi-Free Form Writing

Quasi continuing the theme of streamlining ideas, and building upon the quasi-epiphany provided by a fellow aspiring writer [Yes, I’m sure you’ve noticed I like using the word “quasi” A LOT – it’s such a fun sounding, quirky word], I’ve stopped most of the plotting and pondering I usually do and have finally (!!) gotten to the actual!writing of the narrative for Series One, Book One.

Or rather, I’ve continued with one version of the narrative I had started a few months before and had quasi-abandoned (during the time I had debated which of the two main characters would be tasked with narration duties), and have made some edits/corrections based on the Hemingway App, which is an online editor designed to pinpoint passive verbs, adverb usage and sentences deemed “too difficult” to understand. Other than that, I’ve been actually!writing, and more or less pantsing the narrative direction (based on quasi-developed plot ideas).

So far it’s going well, though I’ve “fallen” back into the editing-while-writing trap (a side effect enhanced by using that Hemingway App) a few times but other than that, the narrative sequence of events is moving along quite smoothly, albeit slowly. A new(ish) plot device has been created (along with a quasi-new character) to motivate my main characters into the main thrust of the mystery within the narrative, which was an unexpected (and unique) twist to the idea I had originally planned. With these spur-of-the-moment ideas as I write-with-little-plotting, some of the forethought character development has (slightly) changed, bringing forth different facets of the character(s), which may (or may not) affect the overarching story or series arc.

[Yes, still being vague about the details, as it’s still in malleable clay form, and any definite details might be discarded in a week (or so) later. I suppose once I’ve actually finished writing the narrative (or at least written a good deal of it), I’ll provide details on the first series of the MASC Chronicles, (still) subtitled Tainted Blood.

Well this entry is a bit shorter than most, as I’ve kinda almost run out of things to write pertaining to this topic (or at least anything I can definitely state) – but at least I’ve focused myself to get some actual!writing done and not go on and on (and on and on) about plotting and pondering.

Hopefully by this time next week, I’ll have something more quasi-substantial to report.




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