Streamlining Ideas Further

In a quasi-rare instance of continuing on a theme, this week’s blog will focus on my (apparent) inability to get any actual!writing done, and the complications in pondering and plotting out such a large series saga. I tend not to reveal much about my works-in-progress, keeping the musings, theories and overall narrative arcs purposely vague – as I’ve said/written before, it’s mainly because I’m not quite sure how it will all play out in the end, though as the creator of this (now overly) complex series saga, I have the final say and should have at least some inkling of who these characters are and what their goals are and why they do the things they do.

Of course, I do have an idea about all the aforementioned, yet (as a fellow aspiring writer has pointed out) all the plotting and pondering I’ve been doing, and all the changes I’ve applied to the series saga over the years (which, as I’ve said/written before grew from being one novel to a trilogy and now as a three-part multiple book series saga) has happened because of the passage of time and the different influences that “inspired” me to make changes to a work in progress that had not been fully yet formed. All of these (killer) plot bunnies have successfully distracted me from getting any actual!writing done, as each new/old idea prompts me to figure out how said idea could/should/would fit in the series saga.

No More.

After a bit of “tough love” from the aforementioned  aspiring writer (albeit via a late night Facebook conversation) I won’t get any of these books written if I keep going on these flights of fancy (or rather all the extended stays in the Land of Exposition) and make changes the narrative arc, sequence of events, etc. It’s taken me a (long) while to figure out that I’ve been perpetually stuck in the Writer’s Roundabout, adding plot twists, alternate universes and other bells and whistles to the series saga when I should  be ACTUALLY!WRITING Book One of Series One, and JUST STICK TO THAT ONE SERIES. [Yes the all caps was needed, for the reasons it’s often used online.]

I suppose this is a quasi-epiphany of sorts (though probably not, since I kinda, sorta subconsciously knew I had to stop with all the plotting and pondering and get to the actual!writing portion of the process). I suppose it was buried so far in the corner of my mind that I needed someone else to point this out to me.


I resolve to stop with the plotting, pondering about the other two series and abandon the extraneous plot twists (at least for the time being) and get some actual!writing done, starting with the first novel, which is entitled One More Angel in Heaven (which was the novel I attempted to write during last year’s NaNoWritMo). While I managed to write almost 9K of that tale (roughly equating to two chapters), I propose to scrap  archive that version of the narrative and start anew.

Wish me luck (again).


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