Streamlining Ideas

Curious how imagination works.

A flurry of ideas scattered about, with plot bunnies conspiring to “improve” upon established narrative arcs and character development and the muses editing what little narrative I’ve written thus far, giving me (mostly) helpful advice to figure out the sequence of events and how the story arc should proceed. Yes, I do pay heed to those voices in my writer’s head (though most of the time, random song lyrics and melodies accompany these musings). Characters move from series to series, their roles may (or may not change) in the Grand Scheme of Things from hero to villain (or somewhere in between), narrative arcs are shuffled about and fixed points in Time are messed about for a spell then put back in its proper place.

Brief Disclaimer:

Of course, they really aren’t voices in my head telling me stuff (lest I get carted away somewhere “for my own good”) – my imagination does run away with itself once it gets going and often leads to unexpected places, all in the name of Getting the Books Written (or at least Outlined As Best As Possible).

But I digress.

Needless to say there are a myriad of story ideas waiting to “grow up” to become real books, and sorting through the ideas (the good, the bad and the strange) is a monumental task. New (old) ideas crop up, subtle changes to a character’s motivations or history can (and usually do) impact the narrative arc, leading to revisions of plot lines and (mental) revisions to scenes/chapters. While it’s a stimulating task, working with a mountain of ideas weaving them into a cohesive narrative, it’s also time-consuming and confusing, as my series saga deals with generational characters, with a good deal of causality and its consequences.


Yes, I’m still being quasi-vague about the details of the series saga, but what quasi-spoilers I can tell (which I’m 95.6% sure will remain the same) is that the sub-genre is leaning more toward science fiction than fantasy, with a slight dash of Steampunk and a touch of horror (maybe). The main genre is (and has remained as such) a mystery – the genre that sparked my interest in reading and writing.


I’m more or less close to figuring out the (actual) sequence of events within the Universe I’ve created, and managed to move the Players to where they need to be (or rather should be for the series saga to make some semblance of sense). Most of the scenes are set, the lights are arranged accordingly and the orchestra is quietly tuning, ready to start the story.

Now all I need to do is raise the curtain and cross that (increasingly) long (imaginary) path from my imagination (through my fingers) and into reality.

Wish me luck.


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