Edits and Revisions

And now for something (kinda, sorta, quasi) different [maybe]:

The purpose of starting this blog, and dutifully posting an entry each week (a feat that I’ve managed to maintain every week since this blog started over a year and a half ago) was to keep track of my musings and share some insight, (as well as snippets of actual!writing) into my writing process and the book(s) I plan on writing.

Well, things didn’t quite go according to plan (if  there ever was a plan…)


I’ve stalled in posting insightful musings into my writing process as of late – most of the recent posts have been quasi-rambling, unedited thoughts of my lack of meaningful updates on the various writing projects I’ve tasked myself to undertake. While I’m very much a planner (outlining narrative arcs and character exposition), much of this blog (aside from the soon-to-be-back-from-hiatus Writing Prompt Project entries) has been composed of whatever comes to mind as I type, “live” on this blog (as opposed to pre-composing an essay in Word and pasting it here, as I do with the writing prompts). I rarely reread what I had written/posted in the past, so (as I’m sure I mentioned before) I’m pretty sure I’ve repeated (or even contradicted) myself many times over.  Then again, I’m not (quite) sure if anyone is still reading these blog posts, as there doesn’t seem to be much (if any) feedback [good, bad or indifferent] on any given entry.

That’s fine with me (kinda) for now, as there isn’t that much progress to announce [yet]. My writing muses are on an unusual schedule, as the urge to plot/ponder/actually!write comes and goes on its own timetable  – there have been times where I don’t dwell on character development or narrative arc for days/weeks/months on end, and then there are times (usually in the evenings) when I spend hours focused on plotting, pondering and (occasionally) actually!writing something for the various aforementioned projects. During these productive periods, I usually review the ideas and narrative I had written and (depending upon my mood) edit and revise – sometimes ideas that seem brilliant at the time of its conception turn out to be far more complicated than expected, and then crop back up a few weeks later.

There have been a few times where the revisions/edits to the structure have an overarching impact on the shape of the series saga – how a short story grew into a single novel (with one segue as a one-act play), then grew to be a trilogy then a six book series and eventually to its current state: a 36 book saga split into three separate, yet linked, series (the exact breakdown of how many novels will be in each series is still under development). I suppose I’ve always been a “big picture” planner – I have a (very) general idea of how each series will develop and the links between each series [I’ve even had dreams of sequences within my novels, though never the series upon which I’ve place my focus.]

Of course like most writers (I think) most of the brilliant plotting/pondering happens in those fleeting moments before sleep takes hold, and almost always by that point, I’m too tired to actually get up to scribble down the ideas, but more times than not I remember the thoughts I thought the previous night when I wake up.

As I’ve mentioned before, most of my stories are already written in my head, and the distance from there to my fingers (either via a keyboard or pen) is a long one – I’ve even internally edited and revised sections of the head-written stories, filing the extracted parts to another section of my writing mind palace.

I probably should stop going on and on (and on) about my inability to get the stories out of my head and just get them out of my head.

If anything, this blog will serve as an online journal of my progress (or lack thereof) – something I’ll read in the future with delight or some other emotion.

Onward once more.


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