A Different (Yet Familiar) Perspective

Creating a multi-book series saga is a daunting task – keeping track of the sequence of events, character relationships and the overall narrative arc requires a great deal of attention; having that series saga span across time (and possibly space) is another matter. As I plot and ponder the MASC Chronicles series saga, and the seemingly infinite number or stories, perspectives, twists and turns that can occur (or not) within each series and/or over the saga itself, it quickly becomes a cumbersome task. With a handful of families spanning the breadth of the entire series saga interacting with each other both within and across generations, keeping track of the relationships requires a spreadsheet or a whiteboard).

Also, perspective plays a vital role, as I’ve quasi-stubbornly stuck to a first person narration for the first two series, and a third person perspective  for the third series (whether or not it’s limited or omniscient has yet to be determined, as I haven’t actually thought that far ahead in the series). As the plotting and pondering of the overall series and each individual series has changed over the days/weeks/months, with plot twists and other mind-imploding epiphanies (many of which I cannot disclose as doing so would spoil the aforementioned plot twists),  the shape of the narrative arc and the angle at which the perspective lies changes. Narration from Character A would showcase the stories in one light, while in the hands of Character B, the story could shift 180 degrees.

Moreover, in my quest to separate the (now) many projects I’ve assigned myself (aside from the MASC Chronicles, I started plotting, pondering and actually!writing the fan fiction novel based on the entertaining yet short-lived musical Dance of the Vampires as well as a meta story series of a writer attempting to write a series saga), many of the extraneous genre elements are slowly (and probably surely) being removed from the main project (the MASC Chronicles), only to replaced by other elements I had thought to have extracted.

Yes, once again, I’m purposely being quasi-vague about everything, as it’s all still very much a work-in-progress, and I could easily change my mind [again] by this time next week.


All this plotting, pondering and rethinking and such has stalled the actual!writing of the narratives – as it’s been proved over the course of this blog that I’m much more a plotter than a pantser (and considering the amount of detail and [shifting] pieces  in this ginormous jigsaw puzzle of  a series saga, that’s hardly a surprising conclusion).

At least most of the core characters in the first series have been developed (down to appearance and personality, if not motives and motivations), and general plot foundation for the first few books in the first series have been laid, and haven’t changed (much).

So this week’s post is not so much an update but another post of probably repeating myself (again) about the process of how my imagination works (or not) in creating this series saga. I have no (actual) control of where these ideas or epiphanies lead – sometimes they’re brilliant, and other times they’re maddening – either way resulting in another session of evaluating the series saga at the overall level, the series level and eventually at the individual novel level.

Despite my previous statement of being a plotter and not a pantser, these blog entries are (for the most part) an exercise in  pantsing (I almost always post the blog entry after I finish writing it, hardly ever revising what has already been written, and rarely ever reading over what I had written previously – hence there may be instances where I undoubtedly repeat the same statements/observations/opinions written weeks/months ago. Of course, these blogs are akin to [written] conversation – a kind of journal of sorts. Maybe (again, I’m just writing whatever pops into my head, regardless of whether or not any of it makes any semblance of sense.)

Well, I think I’ve blathered on for far too long about stuff – hopefully there’ll be more an update in the coming weeks (if I can wrangle the plot bunnies and the elusive killer rabbit and get to the actual!writing of the narrative)



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