More (Quasi) Random Musings

So I’ve managed to post a blog post every week since I decided to start this writing blog in April 2013, which (for the most part) have been thematic essays about my writing process… well, not so much the actual!writing process than the meandering path my Muses and the plot bunnies have taken to expand, shuffle and revert the series saga that started off as a short story school assignment about a haunted hotel…

But I digress (once again).

While there have been a smattering of actual!writing in the form of the handful of Writing Prompt entries – a project that, despite its long absence, will make a comeback return soon, and most of the steam-of-thought essays/musings hardly reveal any actual detail on the Epic (and I do mean EPIC) series saga I’ve brilliantly (foolishly?) created off the aforementioned short story, I’m still very much a dork/geek/nerd that I’ve posted something every week since mid April 2013. There are valid (I think) reasons for keeping the details of my multi-generational saga spanning over  a considerable span of time (and space, maybe): for one, as it’s been evidenced in most of the previous posts, the exact shape and sequence of events in the series saga keeps changing (sometimes for the better, sometimes not) so emphatically stating definite elements of the narrative or characters is tricky, despite the core overview of the narrative arc and the handful of characters hasn’t changed (much). Also, revealing any kind of detail on character relationships or hints in the narrative (of one story or the series arc) is a bit like revealing spoilers, as there are plot twists and turns (almost) everywhere…

[Oops, perhaps revealing that there are plot twists and such is a spoiler in and of itself (but then again, since I haven’t actually gone into detail about the series saga anyway, there’s not really much to spoil). Or is there?]

I digress. Yet again.

As it’s pretty clear (maybe?)  that I don’t have much by the way of anything new to share – I’m not even sure if there is anyone out there in the dark [of cyberspace] actually following my quasi-rambling and purposely(?) vague musings, as there hasn’t been too much feedback [positive, negative or indifferent] on these posts (aside from one fellow author/blogger). Then again, considering this blog’s vagueness and such, maybe that’s the reason for the comment silence), kinda like an endless cycle or some such.



So for those following, I’m still (!) in the plotting/pondering phase of the writing process, stuck in the mythical Land of Exposition, though I have thought up some narrative (albeit in my head – the journey from my brain through my fingers and onto a Word document or paper is a long one). I have thought of some interesting plot twists and such but they’re still quite in nascent form, and I have no idea (yet) if they’ll actually make sense or just complicate things.

So it’ll be a long while (probably) until any actual detail or actual!writing gets done, though there’ll be plenty of plotting, pondering and poking my Muses.



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