More Research and Revisions

Once again, due the overactive nature of my Muses and plot bunnies (both imaginary and virtual), the overall structure of the MASC Chronicles has changed (or quasi-reverted back to a previous state), causing characters to shuffle between series, as well as creating new characters and removing characters to the series saga altogether. It’s kinda like musical chairs, but with (fictional) dire consequences.

I suppose I shouldn’t remain so vague about my ideas (as the point of this blog is to write about the journey of writing this series saga) – so one component of that Grand Epiphany (as mentioned last week) is the notion of setting parts of the series saga in an alternate / parallel history and mingling it the real world history.Of course, it might be easier to just create a new, unique fantasy world, with its own rules and such – then there’d be not as much “real world” research to do and I can just make stuff up as I go along. I could do that, but that’s already been done already, and done better by learned, well-respected, and established authors.  Moreover, the genre in which I intended this series saga to exist is primarily mystery (albeit more in the cozy, Golden Age British model, rather than the hard-boiled, private eye model); the fantasy elements are (for the most part) expository and add a (hopefully) interesting twist to the usual mystery series.

To that end, some of the fantasy/horror/supernatural elements are slowly being phased out (or given another function within the whole), and the mystery element regains my focus, along with the historical research to learn more about the real timeline and sequence of events and figure out when/where/how to create that tear in the space/time continuum where history as we know it will take a left turn, leading to somewhere different, yet almost familiar. So once again (again) pondering and plotting overtakes the actual!writing (which is how I will describe the writing of the narrative, as opposed to the outlines, character descriptions and such).

Also to that end, I just might work on a story for each series, if only to ensure that the causality and consequences make sense (how the various Doctor Who writers manage this is beyond me). Initially this series saga was to be a linear one, following the adventures of a handful of families, and the (possible) interactions between them (and its impact on future generations). Now it’s become (almost) something different, and hopefully a unique and exciting series saga.

All I have to do is figure everything out and actually!write the stories.

That’s all.


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