Plot Twist!

So, July as has come and gone, and (once again) I’ve failed to complete the time-sensitive challenge that is Camp NaNoWritMo – despite the self-assigned word count, the narrative flow remained in a bottleneck in my brain space, while concurrently battling random ideas and making sense of the Sequence of Events. My attempts at “pantsing” (i.e. making stuff up as I go along) didn’t go quite as well either, since leaving the narrative flow in the hands of my quirky yet temperamental muses, in hindsight, was a not-so-good idea.

Clearly, time-specific challenges/tasks is (still) not my strong suit.   

Oh well.

Looking on the bright side (of [writing] life), the undertaking of this challenge was not (entirely) time wasted – in shifting my focus on the prequel novel to the Series Saga that is the MASC Chronicles (the series about which I’ve left purposely vague), I’ve spent more (and more) time pondering and plotting (when I should have been doing actual!writing) about those pesky things such as character development/relationships and organizing sequence of events. In doing so, a number of interesting ideas emerged, which more or less (well, more than less) created a seismic shift in the overall structure of the series saga. This latest epiphany occurred quite recently, and changed my outlook (and had me question the viability of the narrative I barely begun to write) on almost everything, causing me to return (once again) to that oft-mentioned, lovely place, the Land of Exposition, which is almost becoming my own version of a Mind Palace…


This Grand Epiphany is not exactly a new one, as I’ve toyed with the idea in the past, but not to this extent – there have been many contributing factors that bumped that (previously) tiny idea to the ginormous notion it has potentially become (so grand is this epiphany that I haven’t really mapped out all the details). Yes, I’m (still) remaining purposely vague about this, as I have no idea whether or not it will actually make any semblance of sense and, on a purely practical level, it’s literally made my head hurt on all the possibilities.

I’m rather excited about this turn of events in my writing journey (thus far), and hope I can figure everything out (plot-wise and such) and get to the actual!writing. I think it’s a rather original concept (at least to the best of my knowledge for a novel series) and I hope I can pull it off well.

The only clues I will drop (for now) are the aforementioned contributing factors that (figuratively) blew my (writing) mind: Doctor Who, Game of Thrones and Who Do You Think You Are? 

could tell you more but then…



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