Camp NaNoWritMo Update #4

It’s come down to the final lap (week) of the July Camp NaNoWritMo session, and the (per usual) I’m far behind in the necessary [yet self-determined] word count to “win”. On the other hand, for those who have been following my rather infrequent updates on my Facebook author page [if you have not yet done so, please give a “like” to the page, the widget located to the right of the page], since my blog post roughly this time last week, I’ve had a sudden spurt of inspiration and spent an extended period of time  actually (!) writing (!!) the narrative for the novel(la) for which I declared to write for Camp NaNoWritMo.  Such flashes of inspiration come and go as they please, and it’s mostly a matter of concentration and not yielding to external distractions to jot down the descriptions, conversations and narrative flow from the creative brain space to paper / Word document [even in this online, digital age, I sometimes go “old school” – shut down my laptop and commit narrative, musings and other such things using pen and paper, if only to prevent myself from logging into Facebook or YouTube].

But I digress (a little).

Naturally, with my writing muses thus inspired to spur me on with narrative for the Prequel novel(la), they’ve gone into overdrive to impart and implant random ideas for my various other writing projects, including the quasi-neglected Writing Prompt Project, a project I (still) plan on completing before year-end – whether or not I will achieve this anyone’s guess.

That bottleneck mentioned last week is (finally!) slowly clearing up, though the odds of completing the task of writing a 30,000 word novel before month end (five more days to go!) are not that great, as my mind [muses] wanders to those other projects,and such wandering usually leads me (back) to the Land of Exposition. Moreover, while some of the characters in this prequel (still entitled Going, Going, Gone) are more or less defined, the actual narrative plot is not as firmly set, though the basic framework is present. This is a very long-winded, roundabout way of stating that I’ll be “pantsing” [i.e. making it all up as I go along] the bulk of the narrative – I’ve already created an entirely new [male] character while typing out the beginning of the prequel narrative – I have no idea whether or not this character will play a major role in the overall series saga or if he’ll remain in the final draft. This should prove to be an interesting adventure…

Enough blathering – back to actual!writing (again).


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