Camp NaNoWritMo Update #3

So here we are at the halfway point of the Camp NaNoWritMo and the word count for Going, Going, Gone (of actual words written down / typed out from my head to the screen / page) has reached a plateau, while the narrative, conversations and action in my head has moved with quasi-rapid speed, creating quite the bottleneck. Of course, I’ve been sidetracked (again) with exposition, character development / relationships and causality, adding more (!) incidental characters along the way – as it’s been evidenced (I hope) throughout this blog life, I like to NEED to know who my characters are, what their motivations are, where things stand, when things happen, why they do the things they do (or don’t do) and how their actions/ non-actions affect the rest of the narrative. This compulsion (obsession?) is not limited to one novel or even to one series – it stretches across time and space (and more times than not in a non-linear manner) over the course of the ever-expanding series saga I brilliantly foolishly created. 


To continue from the ripple brought about from last week’s (quasi) Grand Epiphany, at least (for now) I do have some sort of foothold into where this first (prequel) novel(la) is headed (or, rather, I have a quasi-vague sense of how it will end, an almost-sure sense of where it’ll begin, yet the bits in between  are nebulous at best. As this novel(la) is [still] set 25 years before the start of the first series [still slated to be set in the 19th Century], the aforementioned pondering and plotting about exposition, character development / relationships and causality will be put to (good) use here, setting the foundation upon which the series (and saga) will rest. 

For a while I had oscillated between which of the two  main characters (one male, one female) would have the honor/duty/task of narrating the story, as I’m irrationally stubbornly sticking to telling the story from a first person perspective, as I believe the impact of the story will be greater felt if there was a first person account of the goings on in my insane series saga. Whether or not this compulsion is right will be evident in due course.

Another stumbling block (quirk or compulsion) is that however (little) prose I write, I tend to dwell on that scrap of narrative, editing as I go along – hence I’ve been tweaking, editing and rewriting almost the same 400-odd words I managed to extract from the brain space on to a Word document. I’m quite aware I should be writing the narrative as I go along and edit afterwards, yet that nagging compulsion (fixation) compels me to perfect what I’ve written thus far before moving ahead – kinda like cleaning every nook and cranny of a room before moving on to the next room, knowing you have to clean a (really) large house.

Or something like that.

As it’s (also) been chronicled in this blog, I’ve never been one to stick to a strict deadline of producing a final (or even a draft) manuscript – as my muses/impulses have no concept of time, so there have been times where I don’t write/ponder/plot anything for months on end, and other times when I spend hours over the course of successive days pondering/plotting/writing, relying on stimulants (strictly of the caffeinated kind) to stay awake. So my (willing) participation in such time-sensitive tasks/challenges (albeit with no adverse consequences upon failure) might be puzzling for those who have been dutifully following my rambling journey, since my odds of failure to complete the task/challenge is high.  

[To quote from another great musical – “It’s a puzzlement!”]

But I digress (again). 

So, the task/challenge for now is to remove that bottleneck (or as I’ve dubbed it the “Writer’s Roadblock”) from the brain to the page (either actual or digital). 

Here I go again (on my own…) 


One thought on “Camp NaNoWritMo Update #3

  1. I don’t think it’s puzzling. Everyone does things differently, and this is your way of doing it. I definitely understand wanting to know all of it in advance. (It would be convenient for me, but less fun.) It’s just the way you work!
    Still, I DO have faith that you’ll complete the task/challenge. I’ll both be waiting for it and here to ‘cheer you on’ from the sidelines. (Or leave rambling comments that don’t have much of anything to do with anything, but still here nonetheless.)

    That song is stuck in my head now. haha

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