Camp NaNoWritMo Update #2

I’ve figured it out.

[To paraphrase a song from one of my favorite musicals]:

With a pen and a pad, I’ve figured it out. 

Another week of Camp NaNoWritMo has gone by with not too much actual writing happening, as I (almost always) spend (far) too much time on exposition and character development for my epic series saga, though at least this time (for once) I’ve finally (!) figured out the overall narrative arc for the novel (novella) I’ve chosen to attempt to begin (and finish) writing for this month-long challenge.

As stated (I think) in last week’s entry, I decided to work on a story that will be a prequel to the first series in my three-part series saga, entitled Going, Going, Gone, set approximately 25 years before the start of the first series of the MASC Chronicles. While this story was penciled in as a quasi-last minute entry into the series saga as a way to utilize the time I spent pondering and plotting the exposition and character development and relationships between the characters, this story’s place within the space/time continuum was not as far flung in the past as it is now – that prequel story was to have been set a few years prior to the events in the [still-in-development] first novel (still entitled) One More Angel In Heaven (which was the novel on which I elected to work during NaNoWritMo last year).


I started to write the actual narrative this week (or rather, tweak the bits of writing I had written a while ago and quasi-abandoned in favor of the aforementioned first novel, the intermittent Writing Prompt entries, and/or the now-fully-on-hiatus fan fiction novel that had been the subject of the first NaNoWritMo in which I participated) yet kept going back to plotting and pondering over exposition and character development/relationships. Much of the narrative has been outlined in my head, with character dialogue, internal monologues and such running through my brain space, yet the distance from my imagination to actually jotting it down (either on paper or within Word) was vast – there seemed to be a kind of Writer’s Roadblock (another invented phrase – I think – to go along with my other “invented” Writer’s dilemmas: Writer’s Speed Bump and Writer’s Roundabout) keeping the ideas, conversations and whatnot stuck in traffic (to extend the travelling metaphor) preventing them from reaching its destination.

It’s taken me a (long) while to get past this roadblock, but after some introspection (and time listening to Broadway show tunes) I’ve come to realize that I really shouldn’t be worrying (so much) about how things might (or might not) fit and just get on with writing whatever comes to mind, and figure out everything else later. The important thing is to just keep on writing.

Of course, it’s quasi-surprising it’s taken me this long to figure that out, as these blog posts are (for the most part) written without much forethought or editing – I hardly ever look back and edit what I’ve written before I hit the “publish” button, and I rarely ever read through past entries and edit what’s already been published (so there’s a slight chance I’ve repeated myself many times throughout the year or so I’ve been writing this blog.)

So, with this new(ish) revelation, I should be able to increase my word count in the weeks to come, and hopefully in the end, it’ll make some semblance of sense.

Onward and, well, onward!



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