Camp NaNoWritMo Update #1

While National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWritMo for short) is officially in November, there are two other writing challenge is to complete a novel within a month – one in April and the other in July known as Camp NaNoWritMo. These sessions are similar to that of the November session, with a few minor (yet significant) differences: you can set your own word count limit [as opposed to the mandatory 50,000 word count], you can choose to write a script, short stories or nonfiction, and (as the name suggests) you can opt to join a “cabin” of like-minded writers. This is the first time I’ve opted in this month-long writing session (which I did as a whim), deciding to devote this month to work on the prequel story to the (oft-mentioned yet purposely vague) MASC Chronicles, my (ever expanding) series saga. 

I made mention of this prequel story, entitled Going, Going, Gone, when I blogged about NaNoWritMo, and my goal word count is 30,000 words, hopefully to be written within these 31 days [I also kinda liked the fact that there’s an extra day to complete the task]. Of course it’s already Day 5 of Camp NaNoWritMo and I haven’t gotten much written (aside from the 550 odd words from the original draft I had written a while back) – as those who are reading (and following?) this blog, I tend to ponder and plot out things before actually writing, occasionally researching things when necessary to figure out exposition.


I have an idea of where this story is going, though how to write a prequel story for a novel series that is still in a quasi-nebulous form is a challenge in of itself – nevertheless, I’m going to use this Camp NaNoWritMo as a way to get myself back to doing some actual writing.

Hopefully I’ll extract some of this story out of my head… 



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