Keeping (the) Things (mostly) in Order

For those keeping score, (in the midst of the ever popular FIFA Word Cup) the [recently] mentioned odds of a potential prequel series have tipped back to its starting point  – well almost: the likelihood of an additional series has grown (diminished?) to be an (almost) even 64.9%, whether in favor or not is still under debate.

[Note: The numbers mentioned are quite arbitrary, plucked randomly from my imagination, probably in the same pot /head space from which most of my ideas spring forth.]


Rather than add another series to the ever expansive series saga (though there could be enough fodder to support one), I probably should be focusing my resources, energy and whatnot to the [quasi] existing trilogy of series. As the Melancholy (and indecisive) Prince once proclaimed (via the immortal Bard):

“The time is out of joint; O cursed spite,
That ever I was born to set it right!”

So be it with I.


Since each series within the saga has (thus far) been plotted to take place within a specific time period [late 19th, early 20th and mid-21st centuries, respectively] fitting in a new series set centuries before the first, while doable, adds complications upon complications, especially if there’s some alternate/parallel universe action going on. Of course, I *could* interweave snippets of expository history within the series saga, but then again, these days “everyone” like to read about action scenes, love angles and stuff like that – linear storytelling with a happy ending (or, given the popularity of A Song of Ice and Fire / Game of Thrones, multiple, concurrent storytelling with gratuitous violence, explicit sex and the other sundry things that go along with fantasy sagas).

I recently finished reading the first two books of the A Song of Ice and Fire saga, and (finally!) watched the first season of the HBO show [yes, I know I’ve come very late to this party – I usually do], immersing myself in the land of Westeros and the War of the Five Kings: (inevitably) the books and TV show left a lasting impression on the shaping of the MASC Chronicles, about which (for those who have been carefully following this blog over the past year or so) I have been very vague.

Maybe one day (some day) I’ll write more about what my series saga will entail, but this is not that day.

As this blog title suggests, I need to focus on keeping things in order (alternate/parallel history inclusive or not) and get (back) to the Actual Writing of the Stories, Development of Characters [and mapping out their respective family trees] and Plotting out the Plots. Sequence of events is Paramount, with causality and consequence as close runners-up, and yet…

The Land of Exposition is calling (again) – only when one knows where their characters have come from, and why things in their lives happen, can one truly know where one’s characters are/should be going – that kinda sounds like a proverb or something (maybe it is, who knows?)

But I digress. Somewhat.

Order and method shall be my guide in the coming weeks – fitting, as the final batch of Poirot episodes are (finally) due to air in the US in those coming weeks (after the [long-awaited] second series of Endeavour).

So enough blathering here, and back to the plotting, pondering and (hopefully and inevitably) writing (the narratives and those writing prompts).


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