The (Possible) Birth of a New Series…

Well, at least the [potential] birth of a prequel series within the (now ever-expanding) series saga (still) known as the MASC Chronicles – thankfully this designation does not limit the number of stories or series within the saga, i.e. it’s not a trilogy (though many, many, many moons ago it started out as one) or any other set number of stories (though again, I had planned on writing 36 separate tales, mainly novels, and perhaps a short story collection or a series of novellas, with the inevitable play and/or screenplay adaptation).

Looks like the percentages quoted in last week’s entry have reversed, all within a week’s time – things have a way of happening in my crazed imagination.


With all my expository pondering (and delving deeper into the A Song of Ice and FireGame of Thrones series), character building (reshuffling and rebuilding) and (alternate/parallel) history making,  it’s got me thinking (again) about sequence of events, causality and consequences. Of course, a good deal of this pondering is really (essentially) the foundation within which each mystery tale is set – window dressing, as it were – (thus far) the musings, plotting and pondering about historical [alternate, parallel or actual] events may not actually have a direct impact on the narrative itself, but instead serve as the context/reality within which things happen for various reasons. All along the genre in which these stories are set is mystery, with dabbles into fantasy, horror and [actual/alternate/parallel] historical fiction, the charting out of which has preoccupied me (probably) for far too long; I have a pretty firm grasp of the overall summary of each story in the first series, and the various character and plot arcs within, yet (as the saying goes) the devil’s in the details.


As to the aforementioned [probable/possible] prequel series, for which I really want to blame George R.R. Martin for acting as the inadvertent catalyst, but I won’t as his in-depth storytelling and interweaving a swarm of characters and cultures is absolutely brilliant, albeit confusing at times remembering who’s who and to which House they are allied, and where they are relative to what’s going on in the story.

But I digress.


Since the notion of the alternate/parallel universe, diverging from the real universe at a very specific and significant point in world history has found its way to my (quasi-amusing) Muses, the prequel series would be set not too long after the Diverging Point in World History [purposely not using the word “divergent” in this instance, even though it’s the correct (?) word to use, so as to not conjure up connections with the Divergent novel series], dealing with the immediate consequences of the aforementioned non-fixed point in Time, as the (quasi) established series is set centuries afterwards. Thus the genealogical trees of several families will need to be mapped out, and even more exposition will need to be created/altered.

While I had (nearly) dismissed this notion [see last week’s entry], it now seems almost logical that this “twist” should be instilled in my series saga, if only to differentiate it (hopefully) from what’s already been published. As for the historical research (to get the facts right when I’m not getting them “wrong”  to accommodate the Diverging Point in World History), I might leave that for when I starting making edits, as I really, really should get to the actual writing, or rather extracting the narrative already written in my imagination and writing/typing it out. I know there are several people out there (in the dark) wanting to know what strange and fantastical stories reside in my over-imaginative head space.

Also, I know I’ve been slacking on those Writing Prompt entries – I have a strong feeling that the majority of them will be snippets related to the ever-expanding MASC Chronicles Universe.

I guess it’s time to get (back) to the writing.


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