Research and Revisions

Still immersed in the realm of world building and character development, contemplating whether or not the idea of adding more fantasy-like elements (inspired by my sudden interest in the A Song of Ice and Fire [aka Game of Thrones] series, I’ve hardly had time to stop and do any actual writing. I’ve also (once again) returned to re-reading my (about 85% completed) first  attempt at writing a novel, which at the time was to be (at most) a book trilogy, and will most likely be the basis of the first few novels of the second series of the MASC Chronicles. Of course, as it’s a first draft (written many, many years ago, shamelessly “borrowing” elements from already published  novel), it will need to be heavily revised, and adapted so as to fit into the (alternate) world in the current series saga – a feat I may attempt for the July session of Camp NaNoWritMo (another month-long endeavor to complete a novel, albeit with a self-chosen word count).

I know I should be focusing on the first series of the series saga and not jump too far ahead, yet all the world building, character development, pondering, plotting and so forth has left me (literally) dizzy with too many ideas swarming in my head. Exposition on expository events have left me confused and anxious about the outcome and whether or not I’ll ever complete writing the first novel, let alone the entire series saga. Too many ideas, not nearly enough time to focus and sort through them all. I know I really should stop “complaining” about all this and just get to writing, and also back to those writing prompts, which also have left me pondering about how they might fit within the series saga world, as that series saga is most prevalent in my mind.

I wonder if other established authors work through this conundrum (presuming they also have these anxieties and stuff) – as it’s already been noted here, I’m very much a Plotter and not so much a Pantser, needing to know everything about everyone and why things are they way they are. Perhaps if I let (it) go – the need to know why – I might be able to move forward.

Easier said (written) than done, I suppose.

Nevertheless, I do have a general idea of how each series will play out and how each series will be interconnected with one another; as I plot (in my head) all these things, the balance between genres continues – I need to refocus on the mystery element and less on the fantasy elements (as they were never really part of the original story (short and incomplete novel).

It’s the finer details I need to iron out.

Enough of this – back to plotting, pondering and (hopefully) writing I go.


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