Year End Update (of sorts)

So it’s been a year since I started this writing blog (well, technically speaking it’s been a year day-wise since I started this writing blog to commemorate the anniversary of  my writing the short story that sparked the series saga I am attempting to shape and write) and thus far I’ve had an interesting time thinking up topics and quasi-random musings every week. I’m quite proud of the fact that I stuck to writing a post every week, with additional posts related to my (rather slow going) quest to write something for that 100 writing prompt project, which will (hopefully) be completed by (calendar) year’s end.

This blog started out with  rambling essays on various topics, occasionally veering toward quasi-meta narration, dropping (purposely) vague references to the MASC Chronicles and Carpe Noctem – the stories I am in the midst of plotting, pondering and writing. I suppose the overall purpose of this blog was to keep an abridged account of my writing process, with the hopes of sharing excerpts from the aforementioned works in progress. Turns out that didn’t quite happen, though the few fictional writing prompts are quasi (yes, regular readers of this blog will notice, I do like using the term “quasi” a lot) related to the series saga. Or they might not (all) be – the verdict is still out on that.

World building is a long, arduous task, one that will (hopefully) make sense in the end, or beginning – the wibbly-wobbly aspect of the progression of time can be, well, wibbly-wobbly. Creating characters and establishing relationships (of all shades) is challenging, especially in a generational series saga such as the MASC Chronicles, where causality and consequences will impact future/past generations.

As of now, I’m (still) in the plotting/pondering phase of the writing process, though I have gotten some actual writing done, albeit in draft form, as ideas change, narrators switch (and switch back) and other ideas pop into the brain that derail the writing process, focusing attention (back) to the structural  plot building. Though not on paper or on Word, I have written (in my head) narrative scenes and dialogue exchanges for various points in the series saga – some that have made sense, others that might end up as deleted scenes or fan fiction what ifs. I’m sure all writers have thought up fan fiction for their works despite  the fact that the actual canon has not yet been fully established…? [Though technically speaking, Carpe Noctem is fan fiction of an infamous (forgotten?) musical, and original elements from that fan fiction may or may not appear in my original work.]

All in all, this writing thing has been both frustrating and fascinating, and in the year since I started this blog, I’ve “met” many fellow writers (via WordPress and Facebook) who have provided insight and inspiration to the series saga and the writing process as a whole.

Here’s to another year of writing, and with any luck by this time next year, I’ll have actually finished (or at least started) writing one of my novels.

Onward and upward!


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