Distracted and Perplexed

Once again, not so much progress made in my attempts of leaving the  Land of Exposition and moving forward with the writing process, with the weather turning milder and the allure of the many plausible paths to explore – perspective and pacing are paramount in the shaping of the series, saga and novel. Yes, I’ve prattled on about my quasi writer’s roundabout for many weeks now, pondering and plotting, with no definite decision delineated [seems I’ve developed an alliteration ailment whilst wandering down winding paths lined with fragrant flowers and friendly fauna].

There are far too many ideas bursting in my brain, leaving me distracted and perplexed, too many moving pieces and potential plot twists cluttering the overall narrative – not knowing where/when/how they fit in the grand scheme of things. Despite my attempts at disregarding the added flourishes/twists to the story and work on the actual writing, I find myself mulling over the variations to the piece rather on the melody itself – as the series saga is to be multi-generational, there are moments/elements where causality will impact the past, present and future of the many characters and their interactions with one another.

This is probably why it’s taken me so long to finish (nay start!) writing the first book of the series – of course, as the pondering and plotting continues, the question of which story is the true beginning of the series arises. The Exposition Hydra (Hail HYDRA!) pokes it head above water and asks questions about why things are the way they are, why characters act the way they do, and demands to know more and more about things that may or may not play a role in the [current] narrative flow.

So, here I am (still) plodding about in the Character Development Inn, pondering and plotting, thinking of how to escape the seemingly literary variation of Hotel California [which might lead to a stand alone story or perhaps an episode in between novels/series].

Oh, there goes those muses again – inadvertently inspiring more stories and possible variations…


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