General Ideas and Intricate Details

So here I am once again, (still) in the Land of Exposition, wandering about the various paths (grassy, paved, and something in between) hoping to find some clarity on the many story ideas mulling about in my brain – many of which could be the start (or maybe middle) of an amazing tale (or series).


I’ve come to acknowledge (and quasi-accept) the fact that I usually create and draft a lot of general overviews of stories, yet get stuck on the details and focus (probably too much) on the larger arc / series and not as much on the individual narratives. I have ideas on how the overall story could/would/should play out, but the step by step process has eluded me, which could probably explain how I have notebooks, legal pads, and Word documents of notes, summaries and lists, as well as lots and lots of “narrative false start” documents (some of which, after re-reading them, were alternatively fantastic and dreadful).

Of course, knowing (and liking) how, when, where and with whom to start the narrative is the hardest part of the writing process, and I admire those writers who can easily extract from their imagination narratives, plot and dialogue without (seemingly) to stop and think about the minute details. While I do have a firm idea on how the narrative should start, the internal debate arises about who should start the narrative – despite some frustration, I intend to stick to writing in 1st person perspective (as having the series saga told via 1st person perspective is key to some of the plot twists revealed in later stories).

At the moment, I’ve focused my attention to the first novel in the first series, and made some headway, narrative-wise, yet have pondered about which of the two main characters (one male, the other female) should be the narrator – both characters have a complex backstory, and the perception and shape of the overall narrative could drastically change depending upon who “wins” narration duties.  I have starting drafts of the same first chapter, with each of the main characters narrating, but it’s these tiny details that get me fixated on pondering big picture things.

Spring is supposed to be a time of renewal and rebirth – a time to start afresh and marvel at the new blossoms… blossoming everywhere; the grass is greener (or at least not covered in snow), the birds have returned and the weather is milder. New ideas have emerged from the winter hibernation, yet it seems due to the overextended cold weather, the plot bunnies have multiplied and are running amok.

Time to wrangle those bunnies and figure things out once and for all.

Or at least until the next (great) idea comes along…


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