Reviewing the Situation (so far)

When I started this blog nearly a year ago, I committed to writing a blog post every week, with the hopes of sharing my writing/plotting process, random musings,  essays/ramblings based around general themes and (eventually) excerpts from the various  novels I find myself concurrently plotting/pondering/writing. And yet here we are, almost a year into the blog (and many, many more years of thinking of, plotting, planning and scribbling drafts of various storylines) and not much has been written thus far, though I have sketched out ideas that may or may not end up in the final version.

Real life things have “distracted” me from focusing on the stories, as well as the (seemingly) overabundance of separate ideas that I want to develop/edit/revise, so it’s sorta become a case of “too many ideas, not enough time” (or rather, too many ideas, not knowing which one to focus on first). I envy those authors who can focus on one novel story at a time – it seems I’ve developed (maybe?) a kind of ADD when it comes to getting down to do the whole writing thing, where I ponder over potential plot  twists, or character development and a quasi-random thought inspires an aspect of another story (sometimes within the same series or saga, other times for the stand-alone fan fiction novel, or spark a flame for an entirely new novel/series/saga). The latter has happened whilst transcribing/reviewing some old(er) short stories written half a lifetime ago, (which was from where my current series saga sprang forth), my potential foray into the (seemingly) lucrative and popular genre of young adult fiction (albeit without the insipid love story subplot).


While it may seem that I’m making excuses for myself for not being disciplined (and in a way I am – might as well call a spade a spade), I suppose my inability to focus on a single story (though in fairness, much of the plotting and development has for various parts within the series saga, with possible ties to the stand alone fan fiction novel) is part of the writing process (if it can still be called that), or at least my writing process. Then again, going over what I’ve jotted down and written over the years is helpful (to a point) and can assist in finding my way out of the writer’s roundabout and get past the writer’s speed bump [I really, really hope  one day these two writer’s conditions become a thing like writer’s block, then I can attempt to patent the phrase and become rich and famous. Or not.)

But I digress again.

To continue the quasi-meta scenario stated several blog posts back, while spring-like weather appeared for a fleeting moment, and the chance to finally emerge from the Character Development Inn and leave the Land of Exposition, a lingering blast of winter weather (or at least winter-like temperatures) has momentarily halted travel out of the Land of Exposition, resulting in an extended stay until weather conditions return to its proper spring-like state. A steady amount of rain has left the hamlet soggy yet cleansed of the blocks of snow piled haphazardly about; flora and fauna are slowly returning from the winter thaw and the paths that were obstructed have cleared.

There’s possibly a light at the end of this tunnel, and actual writing (and subsequent sharing of excerpts of said actual writing) might happen for real.

If I can figure out when/where/how to start.


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