Going Through the Archives…

In a slight continuation of last week’s exploration of my back catalog (as it were) and in a quest to stop pondering and get back to actual writing, I’ve become distracted (yet again) with the aforementioned back catalog of my nascent attempts at storytelling. As mentioned, I’ve taken to transcribing the handwritten and pre-PC typed stories into Word for  the sake of posterity and the possibility of revising, expanding and utilizing parts of those stories, and I must say I have been amused, horrified and fascinated at what I had written back then. Some of it is usable, while other bits need a LOT of work – to my horror, there was one wherein I had fluctuated between using 3rd person and 1st person perspective throughout the latter portion of the story. While structurally and grammatically challenged, the overall narrative arc of that story reads like a typical YA (young adult) scenario, one which I am (slightly) tempted to fix and expand into a novel, perhaps into another series if the whimsy takes me.

Of course the short story that inspired my current (if stalled) series saga was among those early works, along with the one-act play and initial (unfinished) novel, which were my first attempts at expanding that short story. It’s interesting to read how I had initially plotted out the story, the setting and the character developments within, and see how far I had come from that point. While the dialogue is highly melodramatic and much of the plot “borrowed” a great deal from existing works, there was some potential in those first attempts.

Other permutations of the plot, along with character lists, timelines and narrative ideas notated in spiral notebooks are equally fascinating and possibly usable for the MASC Chronicles or perhaps other possible series sagas. I wish I had more substantial things to impart in relation to my works in progress, but to be perfectly honest, I don’t – I have far too many ideas and want to work on them all at once, which leaves me bouncing from one project to the next, all the while reading, editing, and rereading things I had written years ago and pondering where they might or might not fit.

Sometimes I feel a failure for not getting any actual writing done, but I do take some comfort in the notion that all the pondering, potting  and figuring out timelines and family trees will pay off in the end.

At least I hope so.


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