Back to Basics

As the weather turns warmer, and as the snow (finally!) begins to thaw in the Land of Exposition, perhaps it’s high time I cease being the (quasi) comfortable tourist in this oasis away from my usual writing mind palace. In all my musing and wandering down the different paths my series saga could take (the individual novels, the series and the entire saga), plus some meandering about the fan fiction novel that may (or may not) have ties to the series saga, I’ve become so distracted by all the pretty flora and interesting fauna that the original path has been lost, overgrown with moss and mushrooms (mostly harmless, I think), sporadically covered in piles of snow, sleet and slush (mostly in that order). I’ve added far too many (distracting) bells and whistles to the ever-expanding series saga that I’ve placed too much focus on figuring out how/where/if those extraneous elements fit into the series saga – elements dreamt up recently (well, in the last few years, which, given how long I’ve been tinkering away at this writing thing, is fairly recent) – that the original story has been obscured.

[Hmm, reading that last sentence over again, it seems that I naturally tend to embellish my statements and babble a bit. Oops?]


As the blog post title attests, I need to put aside the extraneous embellishments  (at least temporarily) and focus back on the narrative, overall plot and character interactions/exposition. After all, this story started out as a ghost story wrapped in a mystery with a dash of horror (and a lot of “borrowed” elements); that core will resurface (eventually) in the series saga, almost at the same place where it was situated when this series saga was a (mere) trilogy. To that end, I’ve also returned to reading existing novels similar to the genre in which I am crafting my series saga – detective fiction/mysteries, if only to regain a sense of tone and direction on how/when/where to properly begin the tale.

Also to that end, I’m about 89% tempted to revert to writing in third person omniscient, as I had been doing up until a few years ago when I decided to try my hand at writing in first person perspective – concurrent with my pondering/plotting/complicating my series saga, I’ve remained committed to the Writing Prompt Project, writing and posting something using the list of prompts I found online. Of the prompt entries I’ve written and posted  (nine thus far, as my meandering mind decided that the prompts should be akin to “deleted scenes” or “bonus features” for my series saga, possibly filling the gaps between stories or providing a deeper character study, which, in its own way another distracting factor, as the prompts are not linear, and I’ve spent time pondering on events/characters that are nebulous in their current state), all of the fictional excerpts were written in third person omniscient.

While I want to keep attempting to write in first person (which has some distinct advantages over third person where some of the plot twists are concerned), I’m sorely tempted to return to my (seemingly) natural state of writing in third person (though how I had generally thought out the entire series saga, the third series would be told in third person, whereas the first two series would be told in first person).

But I digress (I think)

So while this week’s blog is (more or less) a filler, as I have very little progress to report, I do need to refocus, regroup and re-think what I’ve thought and will think and might think in order to move ahead.

Wibbly-wobbly, timey wimey… stuff.

It’s kinda like that.


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