Back to the Writing Prompts

Well this week’s weekly blog post is a (very) short one, as I’ve returned (briefly) to working on the Writing Prompt project, of which I have really, really fallen behind in posting, though a few weeks ago (I think) I abandoned posting something using those prompts as themes on a daily basis and extended the project to be fulfilled throughout the calendar year, so at least that will buy me some time to think of fictional (or not) snippets using those themes.

*Looks at what has just been written* OK, that was a rambling, quasi run-on sentence, but one that the grammar check has not flagged as a run-on sentence, so that’s a small victory, right?


No much to add to the quasi-meta story started two weeks ago – I’m still at the Character Development Inn in the Land of Exposition, pondering over the various scenarios for the back story of my detective protagonist, and deciding on how much emotional angst to inflict – thus far the options are minor to Moffat-level devastation, and could possibly be a game changer in the later stories. With all the focus on the (male) detective protagonist, I have yet to fully develop the exposition for my (female) narrator/associate, and whether or not to drop an emotional angst bomb in her history, which could have a ripple effect on subsequent stories (and perhaps the entire series saga as a whole).

Yeah, I plan that far ahead. Hence my lengthy stay at the Land of Exposition – I might relocate here for the time being to sort out plot points, character relationships and possible (spoilers!) plot twists.

Heck, given the recent weather patterns, I might even throw in a blizzard or two (or three), introduce a mad serial killer trapped along with a group of unsuspecting (yet suspicious) hotel guests gathered for a sci-fi convention.

Crap – I just made all that up, and now I want to write the story.

I probably should stop all this pondering and musing and get back to writing before I have another multiple book, series saga on my hands.

One is more than enough.


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