Writing Prompt #7: Eternity

[Disclaimer: The story that is about to unfold is completely fictional – any resemblance to actual or existing fictional people, places and/or events is purely coincidental.]

Writing Prompt #7: Eternity

In the courtyard of the Blackhampton estate, Lucia Rossi stood gazing at the night sky with great interest and anticipation – the only source of illumination came from the full moon, shining bright and awash in crimson. As shadowy wisps of mist danced across the sky, a satisfied smile emerged from her normally severe demeanor, only to be broken by clipped footfalls accompanied by the clatter of steel upon stone. Alert and ready to strike, Lucia turned to confront the intruder only to find a familiar face approach.

“Celeste, to what do I owe the honor of your presence tonight?” she greeted, dropping her hood and bowing her head with respect. “I did not expect to find you here of all nights. I would have thought you would be at the ball.”

The steady tap of the steel-tipped walking stick was all that was heard for several moments, until both women were standing side by side. Celeste replied, “Lucia, my attendance was not required at the ball, as I sensed it was needed elsewhere. Coming back here after all these years, but then you were always sentimental.” Celeste Bianchi glanced at her companion’s youthful demeanor and the crimson glow reflecting off her midnight black hair.

Lucia sighed wistfully. “This is where it all started for me – it only seemed fitting to return on this momentous night, when…”

The burning sensation came unexpectedly and with such intensity it seemed as if her body was engulfed in flames. She watched as pinpricks of light danced towards the scarlet moon, illuminating the midnight sky, instantly, if not momentarily turning night into day. It was a strange surge of energy that left her shaken, bringing her to her knees. She swayed to and fro, unable to think, unable to move, her eyes unfocused.

Blinking fiercely, she felt herself being lifted to her feet, and a cool hand upon her chin. Darkness returned, save for the moon, now shown blood-red. Lucia stared into the eyes of her companion, whose silver orbs seemed to shimmer with flecks of vermilion.

“The Prophesy has been fulfilled” Celeste decreed, a slow grin emerging from the aged face, teeth bare and glistening. She also felt the sudden energy spike but was better prepared to receive it, having felt it before. “How do you feel?”

Breathing deeply, Lucia replied, “I feel good,” Glancing back at the blood soaked sphere floating high above, the satisfied smile returned, revealing her fanged teeth. “I feel very good.”

“Perfect. Come, it is time now to feed.”


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