Sequence of Events

Already a week into my self-appointed task of writing and posting something in accordance to a 100 Writing Prompt list, and I’ve fallen behind. It’s partly my own fault, as my usual modus operandi when I’m in writer mode is to ponder and plot out as much as possible before committing any of the story to paper or into a Word document. I had started off well, as stated in last week’s weekly entry, but the momentum was broken by those ever-present muses and plot bunnies, and while writing the few snippets of fiction (not so much chapters but rather short scenes), the aforementioned sources of inspiration brought about new, interesting possibilities into my series saga (still) known as  the MASC Chronicles.

While I probably should have written fictional snippets unrelated to the series saga (and I have a repository of story ideas among my paper and electronic  archives) I’ve been so immersed in the overall pondering and plotting of that series saga, it’s almost impossible not to write about it. On the brighter side of things, the characters that have appeared in and the events that have transpired in the snippets already posted (as well as those still in progress) will have some impact and influence on the series saga, and will most likely not be included in the novel proper. Though having said (written) that, they have (as mentioned earlier) inspired possibilities to the overall sequence of events,  which may or may not unfold in a strictly linear fashion.

All these wonderful and intriguing have caused me to take a brief pause in the writing process and focus (again) on the plotting and outlining events that have yet to happen which will impact events that have already happened or could happen, which will impact the same events that have yet to happen, which has led to a minor stall in the writing process I proposed to accomplish in relation to the Writing Prompt Project. In the previous writing prompt exercise I (think I) coined a pair of  new writing states of mind in which I find myself: Writer’s Speed Bump and Writer’s Roundabout – unlike  the more commonly known Writer’s Block, these two states of mind deal with the overwhelming amount of ideas that slow down the writing process to the point where it remains in a sort of limbo of plotting and figuring out who and what goes where and when and how, and why.

Sequence of events is key to all of this, and at this point, in my attempts to organize all the various ideas swarming around in my head, coupled with the few older ideas poking their heads up wanting to be noticed and included in the seemingly mad universe I’ve unwittingly created.

Well, maybe I’m exaggerating things a bit.


I suppose being stuck with Writer’s Speed Bump and Writer’s Roundabout is better than being struck with Writer’s Block – the ideas are there, it’s the sorting through them that’s put a temporary (I hope) halt to the writing, though I have every intention to battle through this writer’s traffic jam. Maybe someone should create a writer’s GPS system [to continue the driving/traffic metaphor for a little while longer] to give writers guidance to follow the recommending route and avoid bottlenecks and construction work.

OK, that’s enough driving metaphors (and I don’t even drive!)

Well, here’s to finding a new path back to where I was before all these alternate routes appeared.


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