Writing Prompt #6: Obsesssion

Writing Prompt#6: Obsession

A brief pause in the storytelling that has been (slowly) unfolding in the previous prompt posts: clearly I’ve fallen quite behind on the whole “post a short something every day in accordance to the 100 Writing Prompts” thing I had quasi-resolved to undertake. I did manage to stay true to the “rules” of the exercise at the start, but then found myself face to face (metaphorically) with Writer’s Speed Bump, which segued into Writer’s Roundabout. I’m sure I’ve just created those two terms, as it wasn’t really as if I was struck with Writer’s Block – I kinda, sorta knew what I wanted to write, but didn’t really know where/how to approach it. I kept writing bits of exposition or dialogue, pondered about it, then deleted it (well, moved it to another Word document entitled “deleted text”) to write other bits of storytelling only to remove that, after a good ponder and moved back the text I removed earlier…

Wash, rinse, repeat. You get the idea.


While I spent many hours over the past few days doing this, I had the mind imploding epiphany to break the speed bump roundabout cycle abandoning the seemingly fruitless quest to write a short fictional piece tied to the sixth day’s writing prompt, and write about the process of attempting to write a short fictional piece tied to the sixth day’s writing prompt: obsession.

[That was kinda a roundabout sentence, come to think of it, as well as a really, really long sentence.]

For those who have been reading my writing blog over the past several months, it’s no surprise that I tend to plot and ponder a LOT while not giving that much away about my series saga. I’ve written at length about general ideas and themes that are a part of my writing process, but it was through this exercise that I wrote and posted actual bits of narrative and dialogue that has some relation to the series saga I’ve been plotting for a good percentage of my life. Interestingly, those bits of storytelling were more or less spontaneously written, though with some forethought as to where they could possibly fit in the grand scheme of things.

So in a way, all of this pondering, plotting and (eventual) writing is among the many things I obsess about – the development and relationships my characters have with one another, their motives and desires, the overall framework of the narrative arc with each series and within the saga as a whole, and all the possible and/or potential plot twists that could crop up. I obsess about plotting out, or at least sketching out as much as possible before ever writing a single word or narrative (whether it be exposition, action or dialogue), which is probably why I have (literally) a billion or so ideas, characters, and plot lines yet only a few chapters actually written (though I have written lengthy notes and bullet points of plot ideas, plus a good many marked as “deleted” or “archived for future use).

I also have an obsession with writing really, really long sentences with lots of commas, semi-colons, parenthesis and other grammatical… things, which I suppose is the written version of verbally rambling on about random stuff. I obsess about ensuring that what (little) fiction I have publicly published is as grammatically correct as possible and that it makes some semblance of sense [I have since gone back to edit the three snippets of fiction I have posted at least half a dozen times since I first published the posts].

I’m sure other writers obsess about their stories, characters and such, so it’s nice to be good company (I hope).  I know what I’ve written won’t be perfect, and that even after I publish any of my novels (hopefully at some later date in the near future), I would want to edit or rewrite some or all of it, but I suppose I’d need to let go sometime, right?

The next few prompt posts should be more fictional snippets, as I have a quasi-realized idea (and some time) to figure out what happens next.

I think.


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