Writing Prompt #4: Rivalry

[Disclaimer: The story that is about to unfold is completely fictional – any resemblance to actual or existing fictional people, places and/or events is purely coincidental.]

Writing Prompt #4: Rivalry

“This is wrong, Trevor,” Simon Goldman stood by the fireplace, glaring at his brother, seated nonchalantly on the sofa sipping a finger of brandy. “I cannot believe you managed to talk Father to agreeing to your insane plan.”

Trevor Goldman drained his glass and replied, “Stop being such a worrywart, brother mine. If all goes as planned, then we’ll be wealthy beyond our imagination. Have a little faith.”

Simon snapped, “Faith? What would you know of faith? You seemed to have abandoned what little morals you may have had when you made this deal with those…” He broke off angrily, not wishing to dwell on the heinous pact or the circumstances that led to his brother’s betrayal. “Mother would not have tolerated any of this. She would have wanted nature to take its rightful course and let the Lord decide on matters of life and death.”

“Mother is not here anymore, Simon – she is the one who left us to deal with Father’s condition.” Trevor never understood his brother’s reverence for the woman who abandoned her family in search for enlightenment. “And you have no right to bring up such righteous rhetoric, when all our prayers have left us with nothing.”

A sharp knock interrupted the fraternal bickering, as a stout middle-aged man entered the sitting room.  “Pardon me, Master Trevor, but Doctor Manfield has arrived.”

Trevor rose expectedly. “Thank you, Silber. I will attend to him shortly and to bring him up to see Father.”

With a curt nod, the butler silently left the room. His was not to question the motives of the young master, despite his misgivings – he was duty bound to the Goldman family, as his father was before him.

Simon crossed the room and grasped his brother’s arm. “Trevor, for God’s sake, Father is dying; accept the inevitable, and let him pass on to the next world in peace. Let me go fetch Father McHale to say the last rites.”

“No, you will do no such thing – Doctor Manfield has assured me that he can alleviate Father’s ailment and possibly even cure him. I believe in science, brother mine – that is the altar at which I will pray.” Trevor shook off his brother’s grip and made his way to the foyer. “Science will succeed where religion has failed.”



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