NaNoWritMo Update #4

There’s a slight chill in the air as November begins to wind down (well, at least there is in NYC) with preparations for the upcoming holiday(s) being made, we’re now in the home stretch for NaNoWritMo. My progress has been slow, as I tend to ponder, edit and add as I plod along, though I will say that I’m (still) doing better than I did last year, though most of last year was spent pondering over plot points, narrative flow and character study that is being utilized this year, so in a way much of the prep work done (wasted) during last year’s NaNoWritMo month allows me to focus more on writing the narrative. While last year’s effort was a fan fiction expansion of an existing work, there are ties to this year’s entry, an original work set roughly in the same time frame as the aforementioned novel.

That being said, I have a (nearly) clear idea of how the action will be paced, though I do at times find myself researching historical mores, fact checking what I’ve written to ensure that there are not anachronistic elements inadvertently included. Yes, I know I should just plug along and write the narrative (or at least set it down in Word, as much of it has been written in my head), but I  can’t help look up facts to add symbolism to the inner monologue and dialogue between my characters. Then there’s the fact that I may have introduced too many narrative threads (and characters) within the first 19 (Word) pages of the story, many of which may or may not be resolved within this first novel in the series (well, technically speaking the second, as I’ve already plotted out a prequel novel [possibly novella] for this first series).

Such is the “burden” of an overactive imagination and hearty plot bunnies.

Despite the slim to none chance of actually committing 50,000 words towards this novel, I remain hopeful – at least thus far I’ve written more than I had last year (the word count recorded last year was 4,914) – as I type, the word count this year stands at 6,585). Even if I don’t complete the task, at least it’s compelled me to (finally) extract the narrative that has been running in my head, not to mention a starting point to focus upon after November ends.

Upwards and onwards (once again!)


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