NaNoWritMo Update #3

It’s now the (near) midpoint of the NaNoWritMo journey, and I’m still (very)far behind with regards to the recommended word count quota to be on par to complete the task (50,000 words within 30 days). As stated last week, I’m doing much better than I had last year [word count now stands at 4,710], though the narrative has taken another left turn from where I had initially outlined it would lead, and quite inadvertently made references to events that are to occur and characters that will appear in the prequel novel that I have quasi-outlined and have yet to write (though I did start to write that novel before NaNoWritMo began). Conventional wisdom would suggest that I should work on that prequel novel concurrent with the novel I have declared to be my NaNoWritMo entry (or complete that novel first), but since I really, really want to attempt to complete the NaNoWritMo task (or at least get as close to the 50K goal as possible) I shall have to refer to the sketchy notes I’ve made for those references, and hope they’ll make sense when I do get around to writing that prequel novel.


The first chapter of One More Angel in Heaven has been completed (though with a few edits and insertions to ensure that the dialogue sequences make some sort of sense), and I’m in the midst of writing chapter two, which has brought me back to my (writing) comfort zone of narrative introspection. Thus far the pacing of the story is slower than I had thought it would be, but then again,  the narrator of the story doesn’t get involved with the mystery proper until later on in the narrative (when he meets the detective). If I had not mentioned this before (and I don’t recall if I had), this novel (and most likely the rest of the novels in the first series) will be told in first person perspective, a narration technique I have only recently started to use [most of my earlier writings being in third person omniscient).

Well, back to writing.


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