NaNoWritMo Update #1

November is upon us, which ,for many writers and would-be writers,  means it’s National Novel Writing Month (or NaNoWritMo for short), where the objective is to complete a 50K word novel in 30 days. I’m not quite sure of the origins of this event, but as I endeavored to revitalize my novel-writing ambition, I thought I’d give it a go, if only to see if I could accomplish this (seemingly) momentous task in the designated time frame. As discussed the previous blog, I’ve never really been one to stick to a deadline or specific time-table (as my creative inclinations came and went at their own timetable), but the ideas were/are there so all there was to do was to find a way to tap into that reserve of creative energy  to spark some narrative output. Most of my novel(s) have been written in my head, conversations, plot points and such, but getting them out of my head and onto paper (or these days onto my laptop) was the tricky part. Oftentimes, the ideas came at odd times (usually as I’m drifting off to sleep) and in odder places (usually whilst in the shower) – times and places where laying my hand of pen and paper proved difficult (though I have taken to keep a legal pad and pen by my bedside to scribble down musings, with the hope to be able to read what I had written when I was fully awake).

This is my second attempt at NaNoWritMo – last year’s attempt was a fan fiction novel revolving around the short-lived Broadway musical Dance of the Vampires entitled Carpe Noctem. I had not succeeded in the task of finishing that novel, with my final word count (at the time) being noted at 4,914 words – I’ve since worked on that novel and at the moment the word count stands at 6,524 words; sufficed to say I still have a long, long way to go.

Nevertheless, these blog posts for November will most likely detail my progress (or lack thereof) with my novel, which is to be the first of the proposed 3 part series, 36 novel saga cycle of the MASC Chronicles. The quasi-official title will be:

Series One: Tainted Blood

Book One: One More Angel in Heaven

I’ve plotted out the overall narrative (yet haven’t gotten around to figuring out the blurb to describe the book) Thus far I’ve only written about 400+ words for this particular novel (though I had written about 550 words for the prequel to this first book, entitled Going, Going, Gone, which (thus far) will most likely be a novella rather than a full length novel (though that could change as well).

Well, it’s upward and onwards, holding my head up high and forward into the fray of extracting the (quasi-completed) novel out of my head.

Again, wish me luck.


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